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1. Introduction

2. Features in Internet Advertising

3. Advantage

4. Disadvantages

5. Which companies should I advertise online

1. Introduction

The present work is a compilation of data related to Internet advertising, the aim being to know their characteristics and advantages and disadvantages and their suitability for business or not.

First try the general characteristics of Internet advertising, and then study their pros and cons, and finally determine when it is appropriate to advertise on the Internet and when not.

2. Features in Internet Advertising

Direct advertising is very effective, and relatively inexpensive. It uses a combination of several strategies, including pictures and reviews on related web pages, hyperlinks, newsgroups, email ads, etc..

The media are increasingly relying on electronic media for advertising, as they are easy to access and editing. A media campaign led by Internet can save you time and money to an advertising department by eliminating the need for laborious and expensive work.

Internet advertising is to banners, miniature displays, newsletters (newsletters), etc., They are exposed to Internet users when using free search services, translation, email, chat rooms (chat rooms) and even free programs (Eudora Email, Mecano 98, Acrobat Reader, Copernic, etc.).

Many companies have addresses on the network, however, these are not forms of advertising but corporate image. You access to these pages and ads from companies who are in true advertising.

3. Advantage

Save time

It can be almost automatic to sue shortly. The time saved can be used in other productive activities.

Low costs and higher profits

The cost of acquiring new customers through this type of advertising is a fraction of what it would cost through traditional media. It also saves the cost of counseling. The products or services can be advertised 24 hours a day not only to the local market. One of the best ways to advertise a product or service online is that launching and operating costs are low and are accessible to potential buyers at a record pace. You can measure the results of online advertising in a matter of days, whereas with conventional means it takes months to conduct a study.


You can have access to more customers. A large number of customers can be reached around the world which is not normally available through traditional advertising tools.

Determination of Needs

Through the Internet, it is easy to find what the needs of our customers to track their hobbies and

preferences through a web page. This allows us to be more successful in adjusting our business based on what customers really want and are willing to pay rather than based on what we think they want.

Relatively low risks

You can invest some money testing new ideas, if they are not used, it has not really lost a lot of money. Furthermore, the study of advertising results can be easily and inexpensively measured through customer responses to new product or idea.

Customers can easily communicate with the company via e-mail, so communication is bidirectional.

What makes Internet advertising, many times, a form of direct response advertising.

4. Disadvantages

Internet advertising is easily detected by competition.

Competition can be readily aware of possible sites where we can announce, studying and our campaigns and can quickly overcome.

Internet users are tired of advertising on line, so avoid it constantly.

Internet is full of advertising, to the point that many supposedly free services (e-mail, search engines, information networks, virtual communities, etc..) Are paid by advertisers, in exchange for users to view constantly banners, miniature screens, receive newsletters (newsletters), and so on. In response to this situation, users try to block such marketing tools.

Internet advertising is directed only to Internet users.

Not all people have access to internet, not even all those with access to a computer. However, this is changing.

Not easy to find the pages that will be better to advertise a product or service.

Every day new pages and Web sites, and others are modified or die. Besides that, users are not as loyal to web-pages as are radio or television, which makes it difficult to determine where to advertise online.

The habits of Internet users when connected to the network changes frequently, ie tend to visit sites that can be easily replaced by others in just weeks.

5. Which companies should I advertise online

If the company in question you are looking for local penetration, Internet advertising would probably not be the best option. However, if you are looking to penetrate a national or global market then advertising online is the best, the same as for those who need a continuous advertising.

Because of the cost of this type of advertising, could be appropriate for companies that do not have large budgets for advertising and marketing, but it must have the capacity to handle larger demands of the goods or services they offer.