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* Legend ceibo

* Legend gaucho. The chingolo

* The Cross of Miracles ”

* Charon and the Styx

* The Man and the Moon

* The goose and the golden eggs

* Don Juan Manuel. Count Lucanor.cuento XXXVIII.

* The nagual

* The goblins

* The Headless Horseman

Dead returning from beyond, ghosts, demonic apparitions, unexplained and supernatural punishment, dead are raised, and many souls horrific events occurred during the colonial times.

Time passed, and the people who curiosity read or heard the terrifying stories of the days when our Capital was the capital of New Spain, said they were all frauds, informal people’s inventions of minds and what they were predisposed occurrences, actual events supported by the authorities of his time, became tasty tales and legends.

Today, before the occurrence of new and portentous events similar to those that occurred centuries ago, modern science has accepted and cataloged into something called parapsychology, telekinesis, paranormal, unexplained, accepting and ratifying these events that seem to be more than the repetition of that which they refused to accept a few years ago.

These then, are the stories based on research, consultation documents old and rotten sleep the sleep of oblivion in moth-eaten shelves of the Archives of the Indies in Seville and in the official records of the country. Perhaps they added a little imagination, some spice to avoid the cold, grim and bitter of a story, but without distorting or reduce the bottom line.


Legend has it that on the banks of the Parana, lived an Indian girl ugly, coarse features, called Anah. It was ugly, but in the summer evenings to delight everyone in your tribe Guarani with songs inspired by their gods and love of the land they owned … But the invaders arrived, those brave, daring and hardened-skinned beings, devastating the tribes and their lands seized, idols, and their freedom.

Anah was taken captive along with other Indians. He spent many days and many nights crying in vigil, until one day when sleep overcame his sentinel, the Indian girl managed to escape, but in doing so, the sentry awoke, and she, to achieve their goal, plunged a knife into the chest of her guardian, and quickly fled to the jungle.

The cry of the dying jailer woke the other Spanish, who came in a chase that hunting became poor Anah, who at the time, was hit by the conquerors. These, in revenge for the death of the guardian, imposed as punishment death at the stake.

They tied her to a tree and started the fire, which seemed unwilling to extend its flames towards Indian maiden, without murmuring word, suffered in silence, with his head cocked to one side. And when the fire started up, Anah was becoming tree, plant identification with an astounding miracle.

The next morning, the soldiers met at the sight of a beautiful green tree leaves shimmering and velvety red flowers, which was shown in all its glory, as the symbol of courage and strength to suffering.

Taken of storytelling.



Chingolo say, the bird that walks hopping, and whistling to sing, has its history.

You know what Here it is: An old drover decale always your child:

My son, you were born gaucho as your father and grandfather. You must also be, like them, a good trooper … Yes, drover … gaucho is handsome office of law. By day, whistling, hissing, bring the troops back and forth, and at night, singing and looking to the sky, livestock care under the stars.

But the son did not like the job, let alone the office that his father gave him.

And the father, determined that his son would drover as he was trying to make him see reason with tips sometimes, with other punishments. But it was useless: the son would not budge. He did not like the occupation, and if ever accompanied his father, it was with great reluctance and with greater disgust.

It happened one afternoon, father and son were herding a band and had to ford a stream torrential river.

Arrived at a very deep, the animals began to disperse. The old drover told his son that would prevent the disbandment.

Son so badly fulfilled the order of the father, that he decided to do it himself. Domestic his horse in the bottom of the river, and as there was a swirl, the force of the water pulled him soon. Not being able to surf and swim because the foam wrapped, drowned the old drover.

Cried the son of his father’s death. Considerse guilty of it and began to feel a deep regret and great sorrow.

Wanting to ease their conscience and pay the wrong he had done, decided to become a trooper. So he thought he could console himself embargaba worth it.

The boy did drover. He began to grow fond of the office, worked on it with joyful eagerness.

Whistled day while herding the troops, or making the rounds, singing at night “looking skyward.”

The drover’s whistle was rather the sigh of a soul waiting consolation for their grief.

But comfort was never, and calm the young drover became torment.

– Poor father! He thought No never fulfill their desires to make his son a drover gaucho! …

Overwhelmed with grief and regret, sadness confile finally a friend, saying:

-The penalty torture me and I can not resist. Soon I will die. When my bones are free, throw them one by one to the steps or fords of the rivers and streams where I spent when I accompanied my father, with great contempt and ill-will work to fulfill it.

Prometile noble friend fulfill your order, and after a

time, so he did.

They say the water was slowly wasting bones tropero repented, and after long years, those bones were taking the form of eggs.

They also say that each of those eggs was born a bird.

That bird is the chingolo. Anda hopping to remind us that the son did not love the job and disobeyed his father was unable to be happy.

He whistles when he sings, because the drover whistles and sings day and night whipping up the troops in the solitude of the fields.


There are in the Church of the Miracle, in Corrientes, a rustic cross is venerated under the name “Cross of Miracles”. A curious legend justifies the name.

Tradition has it that the Spanish, when they founded San Juan de Vera of the Seven Corrientes, Corrientes called today, after choosing the place and before lifting the fort, decided to erect a large cross, the symbol of his Christian faith.

She was built with a dead branch from the nearby forest, then planted it, and built around the fort, with branches and trunks of the forest.

Built strong and locked it, the Spanish were defended from the assaults that from the next day, they constantly wore the Guarani tribes, whom defeated daily, so cunning and boldness. The Indians, of an impressionable nature, its disasters attributed to the cross, so they decided to burn, to destroy his curse. They retreated to their forests, awaiting a favorable opportunity, which they presented a day when the Spanish, overconfidence, left almost abandoned the fort.

The Indians, in large numbers, surrounded the population, while fleeing the few Spanish guard, hiding in the bushes.

With branches quebracho Indians made a bonfire at the foot of the cross that stood in the middle of the fort. flames licked the wood without burning, an Indian took a burning branch and pulled her into the arms of the tree, then, in the clear sky, was seen suddenly a cloud, which left a ray that killed the wild.

When others saw Guarani struck down at the foot of the cross, fled in terror to their forests, convinced that heaven itself protected the white men. The Spanish, who hid in the brush witnessed such an amazing scene, then reported the incident, which did not fall, certainly into oblivion. In the Church of the Miracle, in Corrientes, today is the Cross of Miracles: it saves it in a box of rock crystal, donated by the Spanish community

Charon and the Styx

Charon is, in classical mythology, one of the gods of the underworld. His mission was to lead the funeral boat that was carrying the dead from the living world to the world of the dead, through the Styx.

In the Greek culture, when someone died, his soul was led by the God Mercury to the Styx. There had to await the arrival of Charon’s boat, which crossed the infernal waters. It was necessary to pay the fare to the boatman, so it was customary to put in the mouth of the dead a coin. Once entered into the boat, was rowed himself deceased who never Charon. The boat will definitely moved across the border, into the world of the dead, whose entrance was guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed dog incident, which saw to it that no live enter into hell, and also that no dead come out of it.

Charon is usually depicted as an ugly gray-bearded old man, dressed in rags and sometimes with a round hat.

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Goddess of Wisdom, handicrafts sponsor and protector of warriors like Achilles, Odysseus, Jason, and Hercules. Athena is also the goddess of war but violence not only embodies the rational and just struggle that aims to defend the ideals, spread culture and ensure peace and order.

Daughter of Zeus and Metis (Prudence). According to mythology, when his mother was pregnant, an oracle predicted that she would give birth to a child and that if he returned to conceive, a man who would dethrone Zeus. So the God of Gods decided to swallow Metis to prevent getting pregnant again. A few months later, Zeus felt a terrible headache for Vulcan remedirselo opened a gap and the head of the god Athena emerged, hence it is the goddess of wisdom. Athena was born as an adult, dressed in a long tunic, helmet, shield and spear.

– Athena and Arachne

One of the biggest myths of the goddess refers to his confrontation with Arachne who dared to challenge the goddess in a competition to see who wove the two best.

During the challenge, each wove a metamorphosis: the gods Athena glorified in their embroidery, while Arachne’s ridiculed and laughed at them, especially Zeus. Athena was outraged at Arachne’s evil intent against the gods and struck with his spear. Frightened and fled Arachne hung herself but, while still hanging, the goddess transformed her into a spider and condemned to spend the rest of eternity weaving.


A man saw the light of a star in the water and thought it was a trout. For two hours he was trying to catch it, but when he finally saw that there was nothing left. And last night was really a fish in the water, but thought it was the reflection of the moon, as had happened again and left without trying to catch it, and lost it.

ALFONSO X. Kalila and Digna.

The goose and the golden eggs

Certain man had a hen daily laid a golden egg, and expecting to find in the bowels of the chicken a large mass of gold, killed her, but when opened they saw inside was equal to the other hens, so that impatient once by getting lots of wealth, it is deprived of the abundant fruit without the chicken gave him.

It is convenient to be happy with what you have, and flee from the insatiable greed.


What happened to a man who was full of precious stones and drowned in a river

One day he said to Count Patronio that I really wanted to stay in a place I had to give him a lot of money, which he assumed a large profit, but was afraid that if he stayed, his life would be in danger : so I asked him to advise him to do.

Sir Earl replied Patronio, to do what I think is best for you, I would like you to know what happened to a man with great wealth and crossed over a river.

The Count asked had happened.

Sir Earl Patronio said, a man was weighing on his back a lot of precious stones were weighing so much. It happened that I had to cross a river and as such a burden had plunged much more than if you do not take her, to get to the middle of the river began to sink further. A man standing on the shore he began to cry out and say that if that burden would not let drown. That fool did not realize that if he drowned, lost their wealth and the life, and, if let go, lose wealth but life. Not to lose the precious stones that were with him did not want to release them into the river and died.

To you, Count Lucanor, although I do not doubt that you could really get the money and whatever else you want to give, I advise that if there is no danger in quedaros not do it for the sake of wealth. Also I advise you never to venture life vuetra vuetra but in defense of honor or something to that ye be obliged, for which little is proudly, and risks his life for greed or fribolidad is one who aspires to do great things, for the Instead, whoever boasts much has to work so that you also self-respecting others, and that man is precious because it boasts, but by doing works that will earn the esteem of others. Be convinced that the man who boasts much better your life and not ventured out of greed or small occasion, but what really nobody should venture so willingly risked or as soon as that much better and boasts much.

When Earl liked the moral, and I do as she did very well. Displaying Don Juan that this story was good, it did put into this book and wrote some verses as follows:

Who adventure life of greed, the more often the good little tough.

The Nagual

It is said that years ago there was a man who appeared at night with pouring in animal form, and had a habit of showing up at night, on the train tracks, step once a man had cast late and tube you pass the railroad tracks in fear had to go at full speed but yet appeared that being in the form of a donkey, very deformed face, which froze up the terror, that I could not move, That’s why people did not go out there at night, at other times appeared as turkey.

The entire population was terrified and commented that this being was the work of the devil or it was haunted and I had to do something to stay away and were having a priest and told them that being was a year that had contact with evil and I was punished and why the night became different animals.


Years ago there was a house that was abandoned by its owners, is that it was abandoned because things happened in that house rare as people learned sercarse dared not to that house that looked small beings who liked to joke to all the people that will come to this house, when someone went to that house sercas grinding Ion doors and windows without any apparent reason, as they had no light is lit and the lights of the house.

From what the neighbors said that the house was haunted, others said it better there alo killed some children and buried there that was why he sought revenge for these children to have peace.

But however that causes chills and ausan beings fear and terror to all who see them for misfortunes …

The Headless Horseman

It is said that in a town isolated from civilization is told the story of a rider who used to be your tour at night in a beautiful horse, very puzzled people wondered what strange man that does that, because was unusual that someone out and less at night, do these tours.

One of the nights very dark with strong lightning disappeared from the place, giving no sign of its demise, the years passed and people had already forgotten about that person, and was on a night that did away just to be heard again ride that horse, many people curiosity peeked and saw a horseman riding through the streets, was when a lightning struck and illuminate the rider and what they saw was that the rider had no head horrorizas people broke into their homes and could not understand what they saw ..