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1. Introduction

2. What are ions

3. Materials about us

4. The ions in the car

5. Bibliography

1. Introduction

There is usually some electricity contained in the earth’s atmosphere, and therefore, in the air we breathe every day.

This electricity is formed by particles called ions, which are positive and negative in varying proportions. We live in a sea of Waves and surrounded by factors that directly impact our bodies. Even by many authors, we are immersed in an ocean of human telepathic waves of varying strength and intention, we also altered physically and psychologically.

But regardless of a panorama as broad, but by reference to physical or material as much or more scientifically measurable, we know that we are exposed to many variables, among which we can list: ultraviolet, infrared, radioactivity of the earth, moon phases, gravitation, terrestrial magnetism, cosmic ray particles, weather events like storms, rain, wind, humidity, temperature, air pressure, among others.

We also interpenetrate radio and television waves that travel the globe, over which we have no information on how they might affect the future or not biological evolution of man and the planet in general.

2. What are ions

To understand which are the ions, we must first explain briefly what is an atom.

For our purposes, suffice it to say that an atom consists of a central, positively charged with electricity, around which electrons, charged with negative electricity.

The core loading equals the sum of the electrons, in which case the total is electrically neutral, because the loads are balanced.

The same applies to the molecule, when their electrical charges are balanced. If for any reason an atom or molecule loses one or more electrons, positive charge appears as predominantly electric charge of the nucleus. Thus appears a positive ion called cation.

Conversely, if the atom or molecule on their orbits incorporates one or more electrons, these predominate load on the core loading, displayed an overall negative charge ie a negative ion or anion.

The oxygen atoms are unique in two free electrons easily capture, becoming negative oxygen atoms. There are also what are called large or heavy ions, which are nothing more than electrical clusters around grains of dust or smog, which are also called slow due to low mobility and biological worthless.

Negative and positive ions normally exist in the air we breathe, is an electricity in the atmosphere of the earth, with local variations sometimes very pronounced. The usual ratio in the field is four to five positive negative.

Positive ions are formed by the action of ultraviolet rays from the sun and cosmic rays, while negative ions are formed by electrical discharges of lightning and the issuance of the natural radioactivity of the earth.

Another natural source of negative ions is spraying water during heavy rains, the waterfalls and the ebb and flow of the sea when it is very busy.

Referring to specific areas of the planet, there are factors that drastically alter the proportion of ions of a sign and the other.

There are perfectly localized winds that bring in their catchment areas a high proportion of positive ions, thus it causes discomfort.

There are also small areas where negative ionization especially good, in our country we Merlo, San Luis, where there is the famous “microclimate”. There’s a greater under negative ionization because the subsoil of Merlo is slightly more radioactive than usual.


A natural way of negative ion production is the use of water jet. It has been shown that when water is sprayed, the largest portion of the droplet is positively charged, while the finest and volatile negatively.

Devices without nebulizers, everyone has experienced a special feeling about cataracts, waterfalls, and perhaps the pot with herbs and their vapors, Grandma’s old recipe in respiratory problems, was simply a way to give us a good ionization. The insulating soled shoes (rubber or plastic) prevents grounding of electrical charges that occur in many circumstances in which our body can be charged, a potential of tens of millions of volts, becoming “capacitors”. This sometimes causes disorders such as a false croup solve our mother with a steam room, and could have been prevented with an air ionizer.

It will be for that effect in all places of the world, lungs of cities, often have water sources since time immemorial

Winds evil:

Worldwide, there are easily identified, certain winds that cause disruption in the ionic composition of the atmosphere of the areas through which they blow.

Such winds are usually from hot, dry areas, carrying a heavy dose of positive ions. These electrical charges are not neutralized by the high resistivity earth by air, due to lack of moisture.

One of these winds is especially malignant Foehn, dry wind in southern Switzerland, blowing in the Alps in the early spring and autumn. Police statistics show clearly that the days walking the Foehn, increasing cases of suicides, murders and traffic accidents by more than 50%. Other winds are the Mistral in southern France, the Sirocco in Italy, Santa Ana, California, the Chinook west of U.S. and Canada, the Sharav in Israel and the Middle East.

We could not be less: we have our own wind: the Zonda. The discomfort caused by the people of his area of influence are well known.

Soyka Closes the writer in his book with this sentence: “Similarly, each may also be a victim of the winds of twentieth century witches manmade, we have created in the cities, modern buildings with central heating and air conditioning, and in cars and other means of transportation. ”

The poisoned air of large cities:

There are two main factors in air pollution in large cities: the dust and chemicals.

Atmospheric dust is composed of one third of organic and inorganic two-thirds. The inorganic consist of iron, carbon, silica, earthy substances from limes wear, etc. While the organic waste originates from vegetable tissues and food remnants.

“Carbonaceous particles that make up smoke grains consist vitrified, bristling with spikes,” writes Tocquet. They act as a true emery powder, eroding the fragile lung tissue and looking at them, which is derived from a progressive decrease in cerebral oxygenation.

The chemicals in the atmosphere are of varied action and some highly toxic, such as lead, copper, arsenic, etc., And the most abundant gas in origin. We will cite carbon oxides, sulfur dioxide, aldehydes vapors and tetraethyl lead, exclusive of hydrocarbons and tars that abound in the cities.

Much of this is due to the pollution gases expelled by the exhaust of vehicles.

No surveys have at hand the city of Buenos Aires, but as a reference indicate that studies conducted in the city of Paris, indicate that the volume of carbon di oxide in vehicles totaled 24 hours. A 50 million cubic meters. Perhaps the city of Buenos Aires, especially Microcentro, pollution has similar values.

The absorption of these gases and vapors is extremely poisonous, causing brain disorders, some degree of anemia, weakening of organic defenses and predisposes to lung cancer.

Negative ionization from a team improves the room atmosphere, precipitating pollution.

3. Materials about us

If we stop to consider that makes up everyday objects, we find that we are literally “invaded” by plastics. This is nothing new, but perhaps we have not exactly aware of the high percentage that represents, disguised under various forms and colors.

From appliances to carpets, from curtains to bags of waste, savannas to underwear, from toilet seats to garden hammocks, all or is constructed with plastic or has a high proportion.

The plastic material, excellent from other points of view, is the great sin to poison the environment ionicamente around us.

Who has not played, boy, rubbing against clothing comb and picking up small pieces of paper with the static charge acquired by the friction of the comb

So, a much smaller scale, it happens every day with a lot of objects that we manipulate, or the clothes we wear. It is an experience common to undress, feeling plastic clothes we “paste” the body, being common to hear crackling of sparks. Many times, with the lights off, you can see such sparks.

Not to fear a fatal shock, but surely we have developed our body against a load of several thousand volts.

Our body is crisscrossed by hundreds of small streams of different voltages, as has been proven. Acupuncture itself, for many writers, channeling power management body’s natural electrical currents.

We unknowingly trademarks and following that offer such products, we cheerfully attacking our bioelectrical system.

Meanwhile, we are blaming our discomforts small or large family problems, economic, labor, or a thousand excuses. We live tired, stress, insomnia, etc.., And we do not think that much of the problem is the ionic contamination around us.

The only, perhaps, have been concerned about the issue are yoga instructors. Since the advent of plastic clothing, they have insisted that students should wear only cotton dresses, wool or yarn, as well as containing no plastic carpets, wool or straw bone.

Similarly should be rejected footwear with rubber or plastic soles because it prevents grounding. We must walk barefoot on natural ground as much as we can.

Not to be confused with electric field ionization. Electric fields are rejecting negative ions attract negative and positive.

From the magazine “Product Engeneering”, U.S.., Published in 1967:

“Some spaces made of plastic, such as the interior of the car bodywork, they can even generate negative electric fields. Furniture and upholstery plastic accelerate mental fatigue of the occupants of the room or vehicle.”

“Objects and polyethylene coatings, for example, negative electric fields produce from 5,000 to 10,000 V / m in a space fully enclosed by polyethylene negative field can reach 100,000 V / m.”

Air Conditioning:

Air conditioners are ionically polluting plants. The central air conditioning comes from a team that filters, heated or cooled air and corrects the amount of water or moisture needed. After which is sent through pipelines, extracting a portion of stale air and injecting lots of fresh air.

So far, so good. But because so many people feel that the air conditioning gives heaviness, drowsiness, lack of energy, poor concentration at work and sometimes headache

The explanation is simple and easy to understand: the air conditioning has polluted the atmosphere breathable with an excess of positive ions, ie, static, from the friction of the air against the walls of the distribution pipes.

These charges reach the thousands of volts, but not electrocuted because they have enough amperage, but totally destroy the ambient ionization.

Other sources of pollution:

Fluorescent tubes, but illuminated with low power consumption, are a source of positive ionization malignant. A pair of tubes would be acceptable – remember that what affects most things is just too much, but it is common to see ceilings entirely upholstered in such tubes.

Red Electric stoves are a source of high pollution. It is common to be running time, feel heaviness, discomfort and shortness of breath. We say that the air is “burned”, but all these stoves do is fill the room with an excess of positive ions. This discomfort is heightened by the decrease in relative humidity, the air is drier with these stoves.

Another source of pollution is the TV screen. This causes air in the room or static excessive positive ions apart from other undesirable radiation. It so watching TV at a distance of more than 2 meters. The TV and not many hours a day. If you do not have a light table or a negative ion generator to correct the situation, should not be in the bedroom TV, as we will be polluting the ambient air, which breathe the rest of the night.

The computer screen has a similar action to that of the TV, with the aggravating circumstance that the operator is fully against the computer, usually several hours per day, breathing that

Noxious atmosphere. There are computer specific ionizers, which correct the situation.

4. The ions in the car

Deserves special consideration what happens in a car minispace. The degree of reduction of negative ions is alarming.

To see this in a comparative manner ionization transcribe table published by R.Tocquet:

After a storm

about 2000

In the mountains

about 1500

In the field

about 750

In a small town

about 250

In a polluted city

about 50

In an automobile

less than 10

This is due to several causes, among which we highlight mainly: plastic coating interior, especially the seats, against whom we rub permanently.

Another factor is the “car smell” that is inside, from small gas leak, which is also a great destroyer of ions (mini smog).

If we add the cigarette smoke pollution, the picture is quite disastrous and not fixed with “tails” or chain dragging down the street, because the metallic body of the car is what physicists call “Faraday cage” which insulates the exterior of the car interior.

Teams ion generators are a good solution for the car, as they reduce fatigue, drowsiness, reduce stress and increase visual acuity, mental and quick responsiveness.

Influence of the Moon:

We all know people, whom we call “lunatic” because it affects especially the full moon, that individual becomes highly irritable and cranky. In this circumstance, what is involved is the atmospheric ionization, which we will explain.

The moon moves in orbit around the earth, by force of the area we call ionosphere. As with the earth, the moon is negatively charged from the electrical standpoint.

In the days of the full moon is closer to Earth than at any other time, so it repels the outside of the ionosphere. The ionosphere is thus “compressed” into the earth, and set as an interplay between the inner face of the ionosphere (positive discharge) and earth (negative charge) which means that, near the surface of the earth, is say, in the atmosphere, increase the amount of positive ions, or, what is the same, decrease the amount of negative ions.

We know that positive ions raise serotonin production in our body, the “stress hormone”.

Dr. Al Lieber conducted research at the University of Miami, analyzing 2000 murders between 1956 and 1970, concluding that the peak values coincided with a full moon phases.

Dr. N.Shealy, chief surgeon at the Pain Clinic of Wisconsin, noted that when there are heavy bleeding in patients undergoing operations, usually coincide with periods of full luma. It states that receive blood banks during this lunar phase further request for transfusions. A record 1,000 people revealed that 82% of excessive bleeding corresponded to full moon.

Also acknowledged the influence of the moon on the date of delivery and this could also be related to changes in atmospheric ionization provided by the influence of the moon.

With reference to the delivery, add that in many Swiss hospitals (also Russia and Hungary) have been installed negative ion generators in delivery rooms and recovery, reducing

Thus the number of deaths during childbirth, bleeding, and helping women recover quickly exhausted their energies.

5. Bibliography