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1. Facts and historical data

3. The formation of the breed:

4.Girolando – the most versatile breed in the tropical world:

5. Hardiness:

6. Life span:

7. Fertility:

8. Milk production

9. Ability to excellent weight gain

10. Maternal ability

11. Commercial utility

12. Progeny test

13. Perspectives

14. Advantages associated

1. Facts and historical data

The origin of the first Girolando was not long ago. The first news of the emergence of these animals occurred in the 40’s. Brazilian farmers began practicing intensely Gir crossing of the Dutch, seeking the addition of both races, hardiness and productivity.

The multiplication of these animals, though disorderly, was expedited (for the high adaptability and reproductive efficiency.) Today we find the Girolando in all States of the Federation.

Informing you of this in 1989, the Ministry of Agriculture together with the associations representing the goals laid out for the formation of Girolando – Tropical Dairy (5 / 8 hol + 3 / 8 Gir – Bi Mestizo) transforming a national priority.

And the Brazilian Association of Breeders Girolando for their physical and administrative structure and its serious and effective work during the ten years of Procruza, was shown to lead and implement rules for formation of Bovine Girolando race.

We have the support of 14 associations and 15 sub-delegate convention offices in several Brazilian states.

2. The hybrid force, one of the greatest attributes of Girolando

The use of heterosexuality is the most useful and extensive application of modern genetics rapid response process while still the method can be used more intensively the existing qualities in the pure breeds.

Generally, the response level of hybrid vigor is greater for low heritability traits and in turn have greater economic value.

Gift of nature that is the superiority of Girolando, as well as having combined the rusticity of Gir and the Dutch production of desirable characteristics grego both races in a single type of animal, fenopiticamente sovereign qualities essential for economic milk production in the tropics.

3. The formation of the breed:

Building is not considered to make comparisons between breeds with competitive spirit, but to work to find the qualities that each can offer, in different environments, to be complemented with more economic efficiency.

The race, primarily the product of crossing with Dutch Gir, through various degrees of blood, is directed aiming to fix the racial pattern in the degree of 5 / 8 hol + 3 / 8 Gir, with the aim of achieving a productive livestock and where Poisson ..

4. Girolando – the most versatile breed in the tropical world:

We characterize the Milk Producer Girolando as the functionality and beef for Adaptability.

Les Girolando females, producing milk for excellence, have physiological and morphological characteristics perfect for production in the tropics (suport udder capacity and size of breasts lactation factors intrinsic to the thermo-regulatory capacity and strong feet aplomb feed conversion, reproductive efficiency, etc. a) providing a very satisfactory economic performance.

Males for their adaptability (ability to use low quality forages, disease and parasite resistance, speed, weight gain, etc.) achieve comparable performance with any specific industrial crossbreeding for meat when placed in identical situations Criation.

5. Hardiness:

The Girolando and reproduced spontaneously emerged in Brazil, by the same evolutionary cycle and adapted to tropical ecology, its natural habitat.

Their ability to self-regulation of body heat and skeletal muscle conformation, poised and strong feet, a habit of grazing ruminants capacity, etc., Are conditions that provide high resistance and adaptation to the environment.

6. Life span:

Longevity Fertility and precocity are clearly evident in the Girolando virtues inherited from Gir and Dutch, resulting in excellent production lifetime and a numerous progeny, which usually begins after 30 months of age (age of 1st breeding), peak milk production goes up to 10 years and produced successfully through 15 years of age ..

7. Fertility:

Efficiency of Girolando Reprodutiva is his strong point (short service period, calving interval and higher ideal number of births per cow), it is common knowledge that fertility is best when the animal is in its ideal climate.

The anatomical shape of the reproductive tract of the matrices Girolando correcting perfect as to problems that are evident in the pure breeds. Both heifers and cows do not have problems with delivery.

With regard to programs and Artificial Insemination Embryo Transfer has gained full success.

Girolandos In males, body temperature is closely related to the regulation of the temperature of the scrotum (download and upload) providing a viable sperm production.

Other interesting facts: the embryo is more resistant Girolando bear a greater variation in temperature, and the gestation period is early, being an intermediary between the Gir and Dutch: 285 days.

The calving interval is around 410 days.

8. Milk production:

Responsible for 80% of the milk produced in Brazil is an obvious affinity with the type Girolando operating in property, market and domestic producer.

As the system of milk production is highly influenced by factors “Genetic Extras”, the priority of professional producers should be based on the actual items (R $ de Produtos or minimize the production cost and not increase the volume produced at any cost. This in Brazil is only possible with Girolando that:

– Produce satisfactorily under pasture and take advantage of very low quality forages.

– The promised milk production per lactation is 3,600 kg (two milkings / day) in 305 days, 4% fat accumulating a lifetime production over 20,000 pounds of milk, which normally starts 30 months of age. The lactation period is around average of 280 days, with peak production between 30 and 100 days with excellent persistence.

– Highly adaptable to any type of handling, mixing Criation in pasture or barn, with excellent mechanical milking performance with and without the presence of bacerro the foot.

9. Ability to excellent weight gain:

Termination Girolando male inmates can be practiced safely. This is one of the great advantages of Girolando: Abbe also be suitable in all experiments was obtained an average gain of more than 1.00 kg / day.

The confinement appears as an option for farmers throughout the country Girolando.

Another outstanding feature of these animals is the Skeletal Formation, good proportion between the length and thickness of bones, providing an even distribution of fat. Angularity squeeze females and males given strength and breadth in the skeleton.

Girolando performance in grazing regime is also enviable in all phases of production: breeding, rearing and fattening.

10. Maternal abilities:

The calf born Girolando excellent addition to weight (35 kg / average), has an optimal growth rate, attributed to the ability to bring the mother and the vigor of the offspring (genetic inheritance).

Also noteworthy is the docility of Girolando, who along with his other qualities matermales (both anatomical physiological coma) is the most used race as a recipient of embryos in our country.

11. Commercial utility:

The economic performance of dairy farming is proviniente the sale of milk, animals and semen.

We must emphasize that often, the marketing of cattle that “left” in the production process is more significant than the sale of milk production itself.

The race is worth gold in the tropics, is now sold under the order, such is the acceptance and ever increasing interest by the Girolando.

The overview of the Brazilian exhibition is a fact that corroborates the Girolando consolidation more feasible as the race for the country notably during all events, the increasing presence of these animals and expressive always of excellent quality.

Multipurpose in nature, these products have maintained a sequence of successive records at auction.

12. Progeny test

In partnership with EMBRAPA – National Center for Dairy Research, was established in 1996, Sire Progeny Test Girolando (blood 3 / 4 and 5 / 8)

The evaluation of these players, is a fundamental step for fixing the 5 / 8 Bimestizo therefore tested bulls will be used widely, thus ensuring genetic progress.

To perform the test, we need the participation of farmers, placing their herds available for the parent to be inseminated with semen of bulls enrolled. Make your registration by contacting the Program Coordination at the headquarters of the “Girolando, Fax: (034) 336-3111 – Uberaba – Minas Gerais, reporting to as many cows you going to participate.

Milk Production Record

Age Duration

Years Months Lactation / Day No. deOrde~nas ProduccionTotal

2x 302 8.2 4.940Kg

2x 324 3.4 4.596Kg

2x 306 5.5 5.723Kg

2x 322 6.7 8.290Kg

2x 4.949Kg 08.00 09.01 302 321 10.9 353 2x 2x 5.718Kg 5.946Kg

2x 311 12.00 5.557Kg

2x 290 13.00 3.843Kg

Lifetime production: 48,562 kg in lactation

Valsa de Santa Clara – 1 / 2 blood

Average Production: 73.070 Kg

Cow Rating

Miss Dairy Milk B Tornco

Expomilk/94, City of Sao Paulo, Brazil

13. Perspectives

The population growth along the process of industrialization that is happening in Brazil is driving the need to rapidly increase milk production to supply the consumption centers.

The formation of the race Girolando effectively, government accountability and priority needs of the productive society, is timely to address this serious national problem.

Government projects to increase milk production immediately in the center-west, north and northwest, which lack most of this food are dedicated to the creation of Girolando, which requires less investment and lower operating costs. Early stage, already underway, provides for the purchase of 100,000 heifers funded.

It’s also great international interest in the work the Association has executed with the Girolando. Tropical countries often have asked technical information about the program and exports various matrices are provided. Many have already been made, mainly to Peru, Bolivia and Thailand.

The existence of the Brazilian Association of farmers running activity Girolando Stud. Milk Control and recently with the Progeny Test is a guarantee for the breeder and the continued improvement work, which must be methodical, progressive and reliable.

14. Advantages in partnering:

1) A member of the Brazilian Association of Breeders Girolando enjoys 50% discount on any service by an entity as: registration of cattle, calves and Transfer Control of Documents.

2) To join, the farmer pays 2 minimum wages and adherence rate (approximately U.S. $ 275.00), with that payment may be made by check payable to the “Associac~ao Girolando” and sending the duly completed proposal.

3) Another advantage of registered cattle, is that it is exempt from the ICM (Tax on Circulation of Goods) when marketed outside the State, in addition to its commercial value.

4) The breeder officially part of a government program, taking the subsidy in the process of herd genetic improvement through progeny testing, Dairy Control Official Auctions Exhibitions held by the entity.