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In reading the history of the victors, we learned that Heraclius Bernal was a bandit and highwayman Sinaloa, but in reality was an idealist of the emancipation of Mexican workers, a precursor of the Mexican Revolution. In fact in the beginning, Pancho Villa was inspired by the ideals of the revolutionary not recognized by official history. The most you get to say about him is that he was “a social leader and a generous bandit”

Son of Jesus Bernal and Jacinta Zazueta, Heraclio Bernal was born into a wealthy peasant family in the town of Chaco in the municipality of San Ignacio Sinaloa state on June 28, 1855 (although other documents say he was born in Papasquiaro , Durango), where he learned the first letters of the hand of Professor Angel Bonilla, who taught local history and began his admiration for Benito Juarez influenced by his father, then age twelve, sent to Durango where he finished primary education then move to the seminary where he studied until he was eighteen, which killed his parents and an uncle took him to live with it the mining town of Guadalupe de los Reyes where he got a job at the mining company.

Hence, based on intelligence, dedication and honesty managed to be promoted to a position of trust until a betrayal prepared by one of his co-workers who also took his girlfriend, was unjustly accused of stealing silver bars and sent to jail to Mazatlan with a sentence of ten years.

In prison he met a Spanish socialist who facilitated the writings of Marx, Backoumine, Lasalle, Saint-Simon, Owen and Proudhon, as well as books of German Catholic sociologists. From these readings, Bernal was an amalgam of ideas in which he concluded that “all the proceeds of stolen wealth and the rich thieves, who were in misery to workers, the rightful owners of the wealth produced with sweat” .

He escaped from prison as he could and went to Guadalupe de los Reyes where he avenged the traitor and then met a group of ex – fellow prisoners and began to make their first raids on measures of landowners.

Some time later went to the village of Arroyo Seco where he heard that the manager of the mining company workers treated well and applied the ideas he had learned in prison. He met Mr. Lorenzo Salazar and Friar Bernardo who applied such ideas were in town and who became close friends.

After a time to focus on attack proceeds from the rich to distribute the loot among the needy population and to highlight the planters Porfiristas, Bernal decided to engage in agriculture and some of the money stolen, bought the ranch “El Maguey” after get a pass from the Governor of Durango. But while being harassed by members of the “agreed” and try to kill him at his ranch to accept the invitation to make him strongly General Terrones Jesus Ramirez to start a revolution against the Diaz government, he went back to giving weapons initiated a series of raids on mining towns in which there were: San Andres de la Sierra, Topia, Cantarranas, Tamazula, Gavilanes, El Pilar, Basis, Sapioris, Tayoltita, Guarizamei, La Candelaria, windows, El Oro and Pueblo Nuevo setbacks hard giving the armies of the dictator.

Next to General Ramirez took by assault the ore of El Rosario and the port of Mazatlan standing by his cunning and strategy. General Diaz sent Colonel Bernardo Reyes to recover Mazatlan revolutionaries who ousted the hunt until Nayarit where Ramirez killed the general lumps ending the attempt of revolution. Bernal was saved from death because the flight took a different turn Mazatlan avoiding the persecution of the government forces.

Since then resumed his wanderings Bernal robber of stagecoaches, when on one occasion attacked a traveling from Mazatlan to Culiacan, where he encountered a brave resistance of a tall blond man who supported his wife to reloading guns, was attacked by the bandits until he ran out of park and injured.

After the scuffle Bernal fellow came to the diligence with the intention of finishing the marriage, but Bernal ordered them to be left alone – a brave gringo is respected, not killed, he said, ordering them they heal the wounds and escort to the outskirts of Culiacan to avoid were attacked again. The assumption that Bernal confused gringo was nothing less than the alamenses Salido Benjamin Hill, Sonora father of the famous general of the same name, which had a strong presence in the revolution to come.

Farmers in the region tired of the attacks of Bernal, organized to provide $ 10.000. Oo reward for the life of revolutionary and as a strategy to make it stop, falsely accused her uncle of a crime, offering him free in exchange for Bernal delivery, but while I decided to do, Uncle was shot with impunity.

This increased the hatred of Bernal but to the rich and the government, which took him to restart the revolution in the company of General Garcia Dela Cadena, who was trying to be President under the banner of “no reelection” and invited Bernal second it in exchange for offering the governor of Sinaloa. Garcia de la Cadena Zacatecas movement began and Bernal in Topia, Durango from which issued a proclamation called the Plan of Rastra, which supports the restoration of the 1857 Constitution, ignoring the Diaz government and declaring the new head of the revolution General Garcia de la Cadena. Shouting Bernal Viva! Began taking place in San Andres de la Sierra.

General Diaz then had heard many stories about this unique character and so he ordered a campaign against him, indicating that bring him alive in his presence. When Bernal and controlled the entire eastern part of the state of Sinaloa, around Tepic, western Durango and southern Chihuahua. In turn, General Diaz Garcia ordered the persecution of the chain who was arrested in Zacatecas, and died without further consideration by Colonel Atenogenes Llamas, saying he had tried to escape.

In this situation, Bernal told his followers and those of General Garcia de la Cadena that he would continue at the forefront of the revolution launched Conitaca Plan in 1887 under the theme “Justice and Freedom”, which contained primarily ignorance of Diaz as president, the promise to redeem the working people of the slave condition that was until then, instructing, improving their wages and moralizing, also called for the abolition of political leadership, being served by bandits condemning the campaign of plunder taken by the government against the Yaqui nation, which he promised to return their land, protesting against the recently issued Public Land Act and made other promises, including those of “no reelection.”

General Garcia Diaz commissioned to conduct the campaign against Bernal, starting this in southern Sinaloa, which was quite eventful as Bernal, who knew the terrain like the back of his hand, brought troops up Garcia chasing down without being able to reach him for over a year. Garcia troops to failure and failure, they chose to get even with the setbacks innocent people received from the revolutionary, committing barbaric and half by people they went. in this situation, Bernal decided to stop the fight, communicating to the general Garcia in a letter of its decision to license its troops and stop raids on mining companies, in exchange for the general cease its attacks against innocent people. Sending a copy of the letter to President Diaz, the governors of the states of Sinaloa, Durango and Chihuahua.

For what it went, in company with the most trusted man and his wife, to a place called Cerro Hueco where he had buried silver bars intended to use in his exile, but in the way the surprise snowfall and Bernal became ill severe pneumonia, so he decided to spend some time in the cave during his convalescence.

The chief agreed to Durango, Octavio Mere, did not desist in its attempt to end Bernal, as ascertained by Crispin Garcia’s lover, his friend and trusted friend, who in a drunken induced by her lover , discovered the cache of Bernal.

Mere immediately began searching the area, taking with him, on January 5, 1888 and after a skirmish against Bernal ill, where the military lost twenty-two of his men killed mercilessly Bernal.

Now with this I leave, I can sing, these are the knitted or Don Heraclio Bernal.

Corrido de Heraclio Bernal

Year 1800,

ninety-two to sing,

I composed this tragedy

here I will sing.

State of Sinaloa

Mazatlan government

where they gave ten thousand dollars

for the life of Bernal.

Dona Bernadina said:

“Come, sit down to rest,

while I bring ten thousand dollars

pa ‘poderte replace .-

Hey friends what was

what happened:

Heraclius had no weapons,

why do not they fought.

Crispin was unfortunate

when he came to deliver,

asking for ten thousand dollars

for the life of Bernal.

He grabbed the ten thousand dollars,

the scarf tied in,

and told the commander:

-Prevent your Agreed.

-Prevent your Agreed

and military squad,

and away to Durango

to bring Heraclio Bernal .-

Bernal told Heraclius:

“I’m not for stealing cattle,

I have a silver coin

at the Real de los Reyes .-

Goodbye pretty girls

traveling wherever they want,

Heraclius died and Bernal,

the mere mountain lion.

Goodbye Indian gardens

and will sleep at ease

there is no Heraclio Bernal

no longer die of fright.

And with this I say goodbye,

I do not have to sing,

these are the early mornings

Don Heraclio Bernal.

Heraclio Bernal (1855-1888)

Heraclio Bernal (1855-1888)


Ignacio Laga Laga