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At a time Laius and Jocasta ran the city of Cadmus, was a very successful reign in all aspects, however, a work day for the envoys of the god Apollo, reached the ears of kings a prophecy which is fulfilled in some time.

Such prediction was that the son of Laius would become his murderer and the husband of his mother which would also produce children. After a while, the kings of Cadmeos, had a son who killed Laius commanded one of his servants because he was afraid that his firstborn would give death to the three days of birth, the child was drilled feet for an iron hook and was to be thrown from the mountain Cithaeron, but the servant who had a noble heart, did not fulfill the orders of his king and took the child to another realm near Cadmus.

In Corinth, the servant gave the baby to an employee of the kings of that place, which led the child to the royal palace where Polybus and Merope (kings) adopted to that innocent.

After a few years, the baby grew up with the name of Oedipus, the name given by the wounds in his feet, a day Oedipus was at a party where a drunk person said that the kings of Corinth were not his real parents, Also let him know about the prophecy that his destiny was marked in which he said that once Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother. Filled with uncertainty, the sovereign consulted with their parents drunk comment, but his parents refused flatly that gossip.

Like Oedipus had found that his real parents were Polybus and Merope, left the kingdom to not make any of the atrocities that were established, and a day wandering through the intersection or interception of three roads met a caravan of men guarding a carriage, but as the driver pushed him, Oedipus finally attacked and killed all the people who were there at least one servant who escaped.

Then came Cadmus and Oedipus saved the people that gave tribute to the sphinx and so people crowned him king and married Jocasta, ruled the kingdom together and had four children, two boys and two girls. One day in the city of Cadmus, the population of this place headed by the elderly, seeks help from his king to the end or find a cure for diseases that are plaguing all people and are killing children, women, adults and elderly. Oedipus decides to help because he has no other choice because he is a very important person for Cadmus.

Then the king sends his brother called Creon to visit the god Apollo, that he gave him a tip, thereby ending the plague of which suffered their homeland, returning to Cadmus, the elderly still found in meeting with the king, why god said instructions address them all. Apollo had said he would end the suffering if solved a crime that was committed long ago and that the working of the Sphinx is no longer subject to recall by any of those present, is needed to clarify the murder of the previous king Oedipus Layo called.

After hearing these words, the king Oedipus did, many sanctions that was the culprit and sent the entire population in search of the murderer who killed the previous king. An indictment was another exile, no one would open the doors of his house, and another one was that no one could talk or admit in their prayers or sacrifices because it was a criminal and should be punished. All that was known and what was said about the murder of Laius was that he had been killed by bandits.

Moreover, once the meeting was over Oedipus and the people of Cadmus, stood before the king called a seer Tiresias who told the great ruler to moderate his words and accusations against the murderer still not known because of Otherwise you could go very bad things, but Oedipus did not heed these words of the prophet that caused anger and rage, so full of courage greatly insulted the sovereign Tiresias and threw him out of his palace.

The poor blind man (guess), also became angry and suggested the great king guilty of this murder, but was allowed Oedipus and accused him of complicity with Creon to take the crown and become his brother as sole legitimate king hereafter last words, Tiresias left.

Oedipus was thinking about what he had said the soothsayer, so I spoke with Creon, his brother in law to clarify the misunderstanding, but all explanations by her brother were in vain, neither did change his mind on the idea of Oedipus fraud and complicity on the part of Creon and the soothsayer.

Then the magnanimous King Cadmus, spoke with his wife Jocasta, which told him not to worry with all that he had been told it was safe and that none of the above by the soothsayer could be true, and thus the ruler stopped for a while his doubt.

After some time to talk with your woman, she told him long ago she was married to Laius, the king lay dead, and that he had a son. A terrible news had reached their ears by the oracle of Apollo, as prophecy said that Laius’s son would kill his father and marry his mother beget children, ie, that the son of Laius would be his murderer, husband of his wife and father of her brothers.

Also at that time Laius had reached such news, so he decided to tie the child’s feet, and take him outside to kill Cadmus. Similarly Jocasta told Oedipus that King Laius at the time of his death was accompanied by a servant, and of which only survived one who had been sent away for fear of Oedipus, because the moment he saw Oedipus his eyes filled with fear and despair so requested a change of workplace, away from the king.

After this, Oedipus that servant summoned to answer your questions, as already suspected to be the murderer of Laius. Then came a messenger to the palace, which would give the ruling Oedipus story, the envoy said that the king had inherited money from his father Polybus was dead and that for this reason he must go to their home to claim the crown and the kingdom of Corinth

After hearing these words of the messenger, Oedipus did not suspect over his innocence in the murder, but also recalled that one day I did get a notice like the one that was Jocasta heard that in a while Oedipus would kill his and father would marry his mother to have children with her, for that reason it was recalled that their home and in a way he met a group of people guarding a carriage, one of the drivers pushed the young and he killed all those who were there, except one who escaped. With such reminiscences, King of Cadmus, believed in his innocence and guilt while also feared by all sanctions put the culprit himself.

After this news came one of the palace servants who had previously helped Layo get rid of that son who was going to take the king’s life.

This servant, told Oedipus that long ago their own hands gave him a person from outside of Cadmus, a child, who was raised in a good family, and that was all he knew.

With all these inquiries Oedipus came to mind the idea that he was the murderer of Laius and his father had married his mother Jocasta to have children, thinking immediately and expose the guilty, the good mother and Oedipus’s wife committed suicide because of all the problems I had and all faults and orgies he had made with his own son.

Oedipus full of guilt, took his sight and Creon sent for his brother, who was going to punish him and would witness the fulfilled prophecies, spoken by the oracle of Apollo. Creon faithful servant of Cadmus, Oedipus exiled before leaving goodbye to his daughter and asked his brother and uncle to take care of their most precious treasures, for where was he could not do it, with this automatically stayed as King Creon Cadmus and Oedipus left.

That’s how Oedipus, once king of Cadmus, killed his father, married his mother and had children with her without knowing and was the most unfortunate of the unfortunate.

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