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* Objectives of work

* Company background

* General

* Market

* Product Strategy and services

* Growth through distribution and logistics strategies

* Growth through communication strategies and expulsion

* Bibliography


This research work has on the analysis of marketing for Pampers diapers.

Being familiar with that one day we will have a baby in our arms, it will have a physiological need, where we’re not in the time to use cloth diapers or cloth and technological support will be needed to put in the diapers market.

In our city of Yacuiba, the first section of the Gran Chaco province, Tarija Department, Bolivia, diapers are a high-quality and performance, providing comfort and safety for infants, is presented below the market analysis.

Pampers diapers were designed with the comfort of parents who want the best protection for their babies.


The aim of this paper is to raise awareness of the benefits provided by Pampers diapers, because they are high quality products and recognized by different families.


History .-

Pampers Diapers were born in 1950, Mr. Vic Mills idea that grandparents thought they knew more, who worked for Procter & Gamble sought an easy way to protect his grandson.

Evolution .-

Since 1950, the Pampers diapers have evolved rapidly from the pins went to tape, so that parents could do a quick review of what was happening in the diaper and, incidentally, save your fingers from any accident. In addition, we were busy preparing the child-sized Pampers, Extra Absorbent for the day, the better for newborns, the padding and size Pampers for premature babies.


It is necessary to determine the variables of marketing, detailing as follows:

Variables of marketing .-

Marketing variables distinguish between controllable and uncontrollable variables:


  • The technology was introduced Pampers diapers quickly over time.

    * Pampers diapers to be a new product caused many expectations of society and did not know where to buy it in pharmacies or supermarkets.

    * Uncontrolled variables: * The market research: At first I do not do any market research for the launch of Pampers diapers, for there was no competition for the product.

    * But today the company conducts market research, news releases new diapers, as competitors in the market with similar product.

    * Warranties: The product offers a range of care for your child (a), watch the baby’s skin keeping it ventilated to avoid scalds, the spillage of liquids, fits best for the baby can move freely.

    * Pampers advertising is broadcast through various media: TV-Newspaper-website.

    * Distribution: Pampers diapers are distributed through wholesale distributors and retailers, and third (markets, shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.).

    The marketing mix:

    Within the marketing mix are four variables, which are detailed below:

    * Product:

    Pampers diapers with designs for four stages of the child: newborn, extra Protect, night and fresh comfort, also with wet towels, wet wipes sunnies with sunscreen.

    * Price:

    Pocket is accessible to all those who consume it, vary according to size Pampers diapers.

    * Promotion:

    Different campaigns are conducted Pampers providing its new modifications that provide comfort and security for all households with children, with tips, messages and warnings.

    * Plaza:

    The distribution of this product is selective, mostly where they can go for mothers, whether in markets, fairs, etc.

    Marketing and the environment:

    * The environment makes the laws and regulations must comply with Pampers society.

    The importance of the environment

    * The Pampers diapers since it was established that the man was wearing diapers modified to use cloth diapers or cloth diapers step to use.

    Types of environments involved

    * Macro environment:

    Not all cultures, politics, economics are the same in different countries is exported Pampers.

    * Micro Environment:

    Are the relationships you have Pampers with different suppliers, intermediaries and consumers.

    Political and legal environment

    * Political:

    Pampers diapers has good relations with countries that export their product adapting to change policies (Act, regulations, economics).

    Social environment

    * Company:

    Pampers diapers is accepted in all social statuses.

    * Culture:

    Is varied around the world.

    * Variable controllable:Economic and technological environment

    * Economic:

    The exchange in different countries, price inflation has an effect on exports of Pampers.

    * Technology:

    The major technological changes made Pampers implement more products in its line.


    In this analysis we must distinguish the types of markets that interact with the product purchase (Pampers diapers).

    Types of markets

    * Pampers products are adapted to the international market to be sold in Bolivia has to be exported from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

    * Pampers products also fit the reseller market because after the export is done by different distribution channels.

    Factors to consider in international trade

    * Own resources are there in Pampers

    Internal needs of the country *

    * Ability to sell Pampers

    * And political factors

    Market segmentation

    The company provides a variety of products at different stages of child

    * Newborn .-

    This diaper is exclusively only for newborn babies.

    * Extra Protect .-

    It offers a double protection system that helps keep baby’s skin dry and healthy.

    * Night .-

    This diaper helps the baby sleep soundly and undisturbed overnight.

    * FresConfort .-

    This brings new features such as diaper layer and tapes instansec reagustables koala.

    * Wipes .-

    These are soft and flexible to thoroughly clean the baby’s skin.

    Product categories – market

    * Unique product:

    If you purchase a large number of people because it is exported to different countries.

    * Ideal product:

    Will set for a specific sector of society from birth to three years.

    Microsegments variables attributes:

    Among the attributes of the variables can be classified into: geographic, demographic and psychographic.

    Consumer Behavior

    Within consumer behavior must consider several aspects:

    * Acts, processes, social relations sustained by the man to get or obtain Pampers products.

    Reason for purchase:

    Whereas the reason for the purchase is taken into account:

    * Consistency:

    Pampers consumers see as a key part of their product and makes the information reaches your ears.

    * Objectivity

    When the company conducts surveys of Pampers product if they like it or not.

    * Provision

    When vendors receive incentives Pampers and why they like them

    * Utilitarianism

    When Pampers see the problems positively and regarded as an information.

    Purchase Process

    * Son sets stage for what happens to the consumer to buy Pampers.

    Stages of the buying process


    * Influence

    Person exercising any influence on the process of buying Pampers.

    * Talkative

    Person who ultimately determines the purchasing decision, which must be purchased, how, when and where it should.

    * Buyer

    Is the person in the end product performs Pampers, mostly mothers.

    * User

    Is the person (drinks) using the product Pampers.

    Consumer Protection

    * The company gives consumers and privileges to come and service users, such as protection of their health, safety and economic interests, adequate information of what they offer, to a freedom of choice and a fair and worthy of them.


    Product Rating:

    Product is classified as detailed below:

    * Product specialty:

    Consumer Pampers product has unique features and is willing to make a special effort to get it.

    * Product Purchased:

    In the process of selection and purchase of Pampers consumers usually buy the quality, price and style.

    * Product key:

    Pampers service to protect children and defecation liquids that spill.

    * Actual product:

    The products are called Pampers disposable material come in different sizes designed for, are of high quality, protect the child’s skin, etc.

    * Product increased:

    After-sales service of Pampers guarantees, delivery and credit.

    Individual Product Decisions

    * Are important decisions taken in the development of Pampers.

    Product Attributes

    * Pampers Benefits offered to consumers, quality, design and special features.



    Is the name that identifies the manufacturer of Pampers product.

    * Brand value:

    Name awareness, perceived quality, associations with other companies is Pampers and others.

    * Select brand name:

    1 .- It should suggest benefits and qualities that have Pampers

    2 .- name easy to pronounce, recognize, remember.

    3 .- The Pampers brand different from others.

    4 .- Pampers keep your name in the various countries where it is.


    The packaging has Pampers disposable material is developed, which protects products from water, dust, etc.


    The labels have Pampers are complex graphics, which makes Pampers are easy to identify.

    Product Support Services

    Pampers offers different services to consumers. Eg Informa how to properly use diapers, gives advice on how to make you happy to drink in a day of sightseeing, etc.

    Decisions on product line

    Use the strategy is both directions because profit and satisfy customers, also aims to be the leading full and fill holes to ward off competitors.

    Decisions on product mix

    Uses the strategy of compatibility of product mix, the different lines of Pampers products are closely related in their final use.

    Growth through pricing strategies

    * Internal Consistency:

    Pampers is the limits of fixed costs and serves the requirements of profitability.

    * External Consistency:

    Pampers observed market expectations regarding its product, the consumer purchasing power.

    Strategy planning prices

    * Objectives and price structures .-

    Aims to have the best income.

    * Flexible pricing decision .-

    Pampers market long different kinds of products which are accessible to consumers.

    * Incidence of other variables .-

    Pampers through advertising and distribution channels to market managed to take possession.

    * Pricing policies .-

    Pampers for the designation of product prices should take into account all the material that used to produce diapers.

    * Pricing .-

    The company set the price of the product is low and active.

    Pricing Methods

    * Plus cost-plus method:

    We consider the internal situation of costs and not value to the consumer.

    * Flexible range:

    The product adapts to changing market situations or your company.

    * Price as imitative or competition:

    It sets prices according to competition that has in the market.

    * Market Price:

    Is a consumer survey and asks how you are willing to pay for the product.


    Strategic Plan channels

    * Consumer Features:

    Is the person who determines the type of distribution channel to use Pampers.

    * Product-market characteristics:

    Take the final decision to use direct channels to be used Pampers.

    * Services distribution channels.

    Pampers must perform certain essential functions couple to achieve their goals. Eg transport, storage, information, fitness, fragmentation, connection, etc.

    Strategic alternatives for structuring channels

    Pampers 1, vertical structure must be determined to take in the channel of distribution.

    2 o Pampers must define the market coverage you want covered.

    3 o Pampers must create their institutional objectives and target market.

    Setting the channel structure


  • Direct channels:

    When Pampers is directly related to its distributors.

    * Indirect Channels:

    When Pampers does not know its distributors and these are located at different levels.

    b) According to the importance

    Pampers is related through sales to wholesalers and retailers, because the product is exported.

    c) The degree of control that allows

    Through the structure of distribution channels Pampers can be in constant communication with the consumer, this allows some control over product acceptance in the market.

    d) The degree of penetration which has

    When Pampers brand sales potential you have in the marketplace and causes the consumer to buy more and more products.

    Market coverage strategy

    The company has Pampers intensive market coverage, for which exports its products to several countries

    Communications strategy against channel

    Pampers success depends on having good communication with potential customers in different countries that export.

    Channel selection methods

    * Quantitative method:

    Pampers diapers manufactures models taking into account the number of customers as the market concerned.

    * Qualitative method:

    Pampers value to your products better for consumers to buy them.

    Distribution logistics

    Is the location of storage, handling, controls, order processing and transportation that makes Pampers for their consumers.

    Importance of logistics strategy

    Pampers is important for logistics strategy that through it improves the competitiveness and positioning of their products.


    Communications system in the organization

    Are different sets of activities that meets Pampers to inform and motivate consumers. Eg advertising, promotion, etc.

    Communications system components

    * Issuer: Pampers gives his messages, information through advertising

    * Receiver: Customers who have purchased Pampers

    * Message: television, the Internet for society.

    * Feedback: Products Pampers see if the message was received

    Develop a communications strategy

    Pampers makes a comprehensive communication strategy in order to study each of its constituent parts, political advertising, promotion, etc.

    Communications mix

    Is the balance between the different strategies performed Pampers (advertising, sales force, promotion, public relations).


    Pampers broadcast advertising their products through television jingles and images of the correct use of the diaper.

    Internet with all its history and models of diapers, as well as giving advice, direction, guidance and entertainment.

    Sales Promotion

    Pampers promotes its diapers through a reduction in their different lines by adding the wipes.

    Sales Force

    This plays an important role Pampers promoters through them because consumers decide to buy the product.


    That through customers, users spreads the benefits and quality that have Pampers in its various lines.

    Public Relations

    Is the communication that begins in the Company Pampers goes to your broker and ends at your end.


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    Mr. Sergio David Valdivieso Guard Adm.

    Born in the city of La Paz-Bolivia

    Business manager, Universidad Catolica Boliviana-Cochabamba

    Pedagogy Graduate University – Juan Misael Saracho Yacuiba

    Teacher Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University

    * According to the levels