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These words added at the beginning of a word, form a new word. It is useful to know because they facilitate the understanding of the meaning of a word without having to resort to the dictionary, in fact many neologisms and specialized words in the dictionary should be deciphered by people.

For anti prefixes, sub, super, trans, mega, peri, pro, post, ex, pseudo, etc., Which appear in words like: interact (interact), antiacid (antacid), pseudoscientific (pseudo scientific , etc.). As easy intenficacin not work in development.

There are words that can simultaneously hold multiple prefixes and suffixes, such as:

Transcontinental: trans (across) continent (Continent) at (on);

Illegibility: I (negation) legible (readable) ity (condition). In Spanish would not read.

Below are a list of commonly used prefixes and followed by its meaning and examples.

The prefix Co.

It means company, coauthored. Usually accompanied by script:

Author / co to author = author / co-author

Founder / co founder f = founder / co-founder

Pilot / co p pilot = pilot / copilot

Leader / co l leader = leader / co-leader.

Existence / co-existence = existence / coexistence


Ingls: Sir Alexander Fleming and his co-workers got the Nobel Prize in nineteen forty five.

Spanish: Mr. Alexander Fleming and his colleagues won the Nobel Prize in 1945.

Ingls: Rebekah Aberle is co-pilot of an American helicopter gunship in Baghdad.

Spanish: Rebekah Aberle is copilot of a helicopter gunship in Baghdad American


The prefix Ex

Prefix referring to something old, former. Usually followed by a dash.

Boyfriend / ex-boyfriend = boyfriend / ex-boyfriend

Wife / ex wife = wife / ex wife

Cap / ex ch = cop / ex-cop

Husband / ex-husband ex-husband =

Change / ex-change = barter, exchange, barter.


Ingls: The bad way I had Treated his ex-wife.

Spanish: badly he had treated his ex wife.

The prefix In

The suffix in is denial and translated in, no, no, absent. Widely used for adjectives and nouns (names) ending in TY (DAD):

Direct / indirect = direct / indirect

Human / Inhuman = human / inhuman

Sight / Insight = signed / unsigned

Direct / indirect = direct / indirect

Accessible / inaccessible = accessible / inaccessible

Justice / Injustice = justice / injustice

Equity / inequity = equity / inequity

Equality / Inequality = equality / inequality

Consolable / inconsolable = consolable / inconsolable


Ingls: Their guerrilla, and friends call them insane!

Spanish: His guerrilla and friends called them crazy!

Ingls: The Colombians rebel leaders, are responsible for Also shocking and inhuman acts against innocent people.

Spanish: Colombian rebel leaders are also responsible for shocking and inhumane acts against innocent people.

My prefix

Do something wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Generally no script accompanies verbs:

Take / mistake = take / error

Lead / mislead = led / poorly led

Use / misuse = use / misuse

Inform / misinform = Report / desinforme

Treat / mistreat = treat / mistreat

Judge / misjudge = judge / misjudge

handle / mishandle = handling / mishandling

count / miscount = count / count error

Shapen / misshapen = a / deformed

To read / misread = read / misread

Lead / guide misleading = / derail

Interpret / misinterpret = interpret / misinterpret

Behave / misbehave = behave / misbehave

Conception / misconception = design / erradaconcepcin


Ingls: Rich people mistreat poor people.

Spanish: (The) rich people abused (the) poor.

Ingls: Some times a leader’s personality can be misleading.

Spanish: Sometimes the personality of a leader can be deceiving.

Ingls: There is a misconception on Confrontation Between the religions.

Spanish: There is a misconception in the confrontation between the religions.


The prefix Bio

Diversity / biodiversity = diversity / biodiversity

Chemistry / biochemistry = chemistry / biochemistry

Wepons / biowepons = weapons / biological weapons.


Ingls: Joan Baizer is a professor of biophysics.

Spanish: Joan Baizer is a professor of biophysics

Ingls: The word biodiversity combine the words biology and diversity.

English: The word combines the words biodiversity biology and diversity

The prefix Sub

The prefix sub means below, under the. Has the same meaning as the prefix Under:

Way / subway = wire / wire underground

Marine / submarine = marine / submarine

Committee / subcommittee = committee / subcommittee

Total / subtotal = total / subtotal

Title / subtitle = title / subtitle

Sequent / subsequent = series / subseries

Conscious / subconscious = conscious / subconscious

Heading / Subheading = encabezaminto / subheading


Ingls: Russian submarines with nuclear weapons under attack by U.S. Were destroyers.

Spanish: Russian submarines with nuclear weapons were under attack Unidenses State destructors

The prefix

It works by increasing positively accompanying noun, means putting in status (in the sense indicated by the noun):

Large / enlarge = big / enlarge

Force / enforce = force / effort

Danger / = danger endanger / jeopardize


Ingls: In a small area, They have over half of Europe’s endangered wild animal species.

English: In a small area, they exceed half of the dangerous species of wild animals in Europe

The prefix Re

Re means again, Vuelta or repetition of an action. Re verbs accompanying occurs and can be joined by a hyphen:

Come / RECOMME = come / return

Charge / recharge = charge / recharge

Load / reload = charge / recharge

Move / remove = move / remove

Turn / return = turn / return

Print / reprint = print / reprint

Search / research = search / research

United / re-united = united / reunited

Visit / re-visit = visit / revisit

Open / reopen = open / reopen

To use / re-use = use / re-use

Send / re-send = send / forward

cognized / Recognized = known / recognized

Direct / redirect = direct / redirected

Group / regroup = grouping / regrouping

Finance / refinance = finance / refinance

Affirmation / Reaffirmation = assertion / reassertion

Enter / re-enter = introduce / reintroduce

Construction / reconstruction = construction / reconstruction


Ingls: They want to be re-united

Spanish: They want reencontrarsen

Ingls: It can take people years to re-build Their country

English: This can take people years to rebuild his country

Ingls: They can revisit Their memories.

Spanish: They might revisit their memories

Ingls: The United Nations-UN-mandate for Iraqi stabilization and reconstruction.

Spanish: The UN mandate for the stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq.

Ingls: General Ricardo Sanchez insisted I had no need of reinforcements in Iraq.

Spanish: General Ricardo Sanchez insisted that he has no need for reinforcements in Iraq

The prefix Dis

The prefix Dis is a denial that often accompanies nouns. Means des, in:

Assemble / disassemble = mount / unmount

Ability / disability = ability / inability

Honesty / dishonesty = honest / desonesto

Satisfied / dissatisfied = satisfied / dissatisfied

Integrate / disintegrate = Integrated / disintegrated

Appear / Disappear = appear / disappear

Arm / disarms = arm / disarm

Count / discount = count / off

Like / dislike = like / dislike

Rupt / disruptive = break / gather

Place / displace = located / moved

To Prove / disprove = to prove / disprove

Trust / to distrust = trust / distrust

proportionate / disproportionate = proportionate / disproportionate

Infectant / disinfectants = infective / disinfectant

Obey / disobey = obey / disobey


Ingls: When people disobey.

Spanish: When (the) people disobey

Ingls: Sudan’s civil war, started in 1983, has more than four million displaced persons.

English: Sudan’s civil war began in 1983, has displaced more than 4 million people.

The prefix Over

Over means over, too, too, more than:

All / Overall = all / overcoat, coat

Paid / overpaid = pay / overpayment

Pass / = step overpass / flyover

Sleep / oversleep = sleep / sleep too


Ingls: Overall, how satisfied are you With The handling of this case special.

Spanish: Overall, how satisfied are you with the handling of this particular case

The prefix Under

Under The prefix sub means, des, unless under. Has the same meaning as sub prefix:

Employed / underemployed = employee / unemployed

Educated / undereducated = educated / uneducated

Secretary / Undersecretary = secretary / secretary.


Ingls: In under-developed countries.

Spanish: In underdeveloped countries.

The prefix Il

IL is denial translates ile type:

Legitimate / illegitimate = legitimate / illegitimate

Legal / illegal = legal / illegal


Ingls: They Transported illegal weapons and drugs.

Spanish: They carried illegal weapons and drugs

The prefix A

The type is prefixed by a negation to cause the opposite direction to the root word. Means in, anti shortly. It applies to adjectives, nouns and verbs:

Faithful / Unfaithful = true / untrue

Happy / Unhappy = happy / unhappy

Equal / unequal = equal / unequal

To do / undo = undo / redo

True / untrue = true / not true

Like / Unlike = similar / different

Finished / unfinished = complete / incomplete

To read / unread = read / unread (unread)

Limited / Unlimited = limited / unlimited

Believable / unbelievable = credible / incredible

Title / untitled = titre / untitled

To able / unable = skilled / unskilled

Certain / Uncertain = true / unclear

To tie / untie = tie / untie

To use / unuse = used / unused

Just / Unjust = fair / unfair

Settled / unsettled = stable / unstable

Tidy / untidy = ordered / disordered

Common / Uncommon = common / rare

Feeling / unfeeling = sensitive / insensitive

Explainable / unexplainable = explained / unexplained

Forgettable / = forgettable unforgettable / memorable

To forgive / Unforgive = forgive / not forgive

Nessesary / unnessesary = necessary / unnecessary

Favorable / unfavorable = favorable / unfavorable

Acceptable / unacceptable = acceptable / unacceptable

Fortunate / Unfortunate = lucky / unlucky

To assemble / assemble unassemble = / desamblablar

Economic / uneconomic = economic / uneconomic

Intelligent / unintelligent = intelligent / unintelligent


Ingls: They may even seem unreal.

Spanish: They may seem unrealistic to

Ingls: Sometimes things can combine together unrelated to cause a surprising result.

Spanish: Sometimes unrelated things can combine together to cause a surprising result

The prefix Multi

Prefix type multiplicity. Multi means.

Faith / multi-faith = Fe / Fe pluralistic

Ethnic / multi-ethnic = ethnic / multi-ethnic

National / multinational = national / multinational

Billion / multi billion b = Billion / multibillon


Ingls: The World Bank making the multinational companies richer while MOST of the world’s people are getting poorer

English: The World Bank multinational companies richer while most of the world’s people became poor.

Ingls: Although Europe has a Christian history, today it is multi-faith.

Spanish: Although Europe has a history Christian faith today is pluralistic

The prefix Pre

The prefix precedes substantive and pre means before, before.

Historic / Prehistoric = historic / prehistoric

Requisite / prerequisite = requirement / prerequisite

Condition / precondition = condition / precondition

Fabricate / prefabricate = manufactured / prefab


Ingls: With This doctrine of pre-emption.

Spanish: With this doctrine of prevention

Ingls: Lack of democracy and civil liberties was listed as a precondition for many forms of domestic terrorism.

Spanish: Lack of democracy and civil liberties were cited as a precondition for many forms of domestic terrorism.

The prefix for

The prefix To = to, even to

Medic / paramedic = doctor / paramedic

Typhoid / paratyphoid = thyroid / parathyroid

Olympic / Paraolympic = Olympic / Paralympic


Ingls: He is Paraolympic.

English: This is paraolmpico

The prefix Anti

The prefix anti = against. Usually appears hyphenated

Christ / Antichrist = Christ / Antichrist

War / anti war w = war / anti-war

Cellullite / anti-cellulite Cellulite = / anti-celulites

Occupation / anti or occupation = occupation / anti-occupation

Perspirant / antiperspirant = perspirant / antiperspirant


Ingls: It has the backing of 192 Countries for an historic anti-smoking convention.

English: This is backed by 192 countries to a historic agreement on smokers.

Ingls: These medicines called anti-depressat can help a person to give up smoking.

Spanish: These medicines called antidepressants can help a person quit smoking.

Ingls: The Offices of anti-American cleric, Moqtada Sadr, Were Also damaged in the blast.

Spanish: anti-American cleric offices Moqtada Sadr were also damaged in the blast

The prefix Im

Im negation prefix that means the opposite of, without, in:

Possible / impossible = possible / impossible

Likely / unlikely = probable / improbable

Perfection / Imperfection = perfection / imperfection


Ingls: The immigrants of Puerto Rico.

Spanish: Immigrants from Puerto Rico

The prefix Semi

Semi negation prefix indicating semi partial results.

Olympic / semi-Olympic = Olympic / semi-Olympic

Quaver / semi quaver = eighth note q / semi-quaver

Driver / semiconductor = conductor / semiconductor


Ingls: The Serb-Bosnian war left Bosnia split into two semi-independent entibies.

English: Serbian-Bosnian war left (a) Bosnia divided into two semi-independent entities.



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