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Preventive maintenance can detect recurring failures, reducing dead spots and stops, increase equipment life, reduce repair costs, identify weak points in the installation of a long list of benefits.

On the computer, preventive maintenance is the periodic review of certain aspects of both hardware and software on a PC. These influence the reliable performance of the system, the integrity of stored data and an exchange of information right at the maximum speed possible within the optimal configuration of the system.

Within the preventive maintenance software exists that allows the user to constantly monitor the status of your computer, as well as minor adjustments in an easy way.

Preventive maintenance is generally occupies in the determination of operating conditions, durability and reliability of equipment in question this type of maintenance helps to reduce the times that can be generated by corrective maintenance.

With regard to preventive maintenance of a software product, differs from other types of maintenance (perfective maintenance especially) that, while the rest (corrective, developmental, perfective, adaptive, …) generally occur after a request exchange by the customer or end user, the preventive comes after a feasibility study for improvements in various modules of the system.

While preventive maintenance is considered valuable for organizations, a number of equipment failures or human error when performing these maintenance processes. Planned preventive maintenance and planned replacement are two of the three policies available to service engineers.

The first objective of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failure, achieving prevent incidents before they occur. Preventive maintenance tasks include actions such as change of worn parts, changing oil and lubricants, etc. Preventive maintenance should prevent equipment failures before they occur.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of software. The software maintenance software maintenance is one of the most common activities in software engineering and process improvement and optimization of software after delivery to the end user as well as correction and prevention of defects. Software maintenance is divided on two occasions: to prevent and correct. Preventive Maintenance software. Corrective Maintenance software.

Preventive maintenance software. Review Installation by Setup. Defragmenting your hard disk. Liberation of RAM. Freeing up space on HDD. Run Antivirus. Backup. Scandisk.

* Checking Installation by Setup. Consists of a review that is done by directly entering the menu on the Setup wing detecting units connected computer. By this you can detect any fault in connectors.

* Defragmenting your hard disk.

Disk fragmentation happens after the operating system has written different versions of the files several times, ie, a file after being modified to be saved does not occupy contiguous memory addresses on the hard drive, the defrag takes care to accommodate the files in contiguous memory addresses.

* Liberation of RAM.

Deleting files generated by the applications installed on the computer and no longer used, temporary removal, lost files, empty folders and shortcuts invalid records that have a path that no longer exists. RAMBoost 2.0, constantly monitors the state system RAM, freeing when you reach a certain threshold and thus optimizing the performance of your PC. Windows XP comes with a command line tool, called ClearMem, freeing up RAM and properly manage the resources, optimizing the paging file. WinRAM displays a graph of the state of the RAM, the percentage of free space and the occupied. Free

* Release the HDD.

Of seeking, identifying and listing in the unit, temporary files, Internet cache files and unnecessary program files, in this way proceed to remove them safely. Argente Disk Cleaner helps keep your computer clean from unnecessary files only occupy space, and also put your privacy at risk, such as search histories and Internet browsing, cookies and temporary files. It also detects invalid shortcuts and files stored with zero bytes. WashAndGo 12.00 Free tool to clean your computer and delete unnecessary files, freeing space on the disk.

* Running Antivirus.This is the procedure whereby scanning, grading and clean your computer of malware and prejudices. These programs can damage the operating system, hard drive and other components. Secuware Applications is a generic antivirus software does not need updating and that allows the execution of programs or macros authorized by the company through a fingerprint. Prevents any software downloaded from Internet can be executed because he is not authorized by the administrator. Panda Internet Security 2010es security suite that lets you use Internet safely. It protects you from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats. Will keep your inbox free of spam and unsolicited emails. Private

* Backup.

This procedure is to perform a data backup through the backup application. Route Cobian Backupcreador and backup manager. Easy to define the backup type normal, incremental or differential, the type of compression, encryption and exclusions. Advanced features such as task definition pre-and post-copying or performing other tasks with user credentials. The Tools menu hides more utilities: translator interface, decompressor, a utility repairman erased and permits among others.

* Scandisk.

* It is a software developed by Symantec, later acquired by Microsoft, to incorporate it with their operating systems MS-DOS. Scandisk is used to check on the computer both the integrity of the physical surface of your hard drive as the integrity of files stored in it. Examines the physical surface of the disc and is very effective for detecting file system errors. Reinstalling OS. Reinstalling programs, applications and Office. Reinstalling

* Reinstall operating system.

For some reason your operating system does not start or has failed. Failure of any reason that can not be repaired, this brings us to proceed to reinstall your operating system. To proceed with the reinstallation is to turn the machine into the Setup directory, start with a boot disk or just the installation CD. Elasistente the operating system to install the guide, help and we will make it easier to reinstall. Esteasistentele ask your personal data and the CD-KEY, ie the CD key. All Windows installation disks have a code that is required during installation.

* Re-installing programs, and office applications.

Programs that are installed shall be duly authorized and licenses, this will only be done by the administrator of the computer network, a debit card to handle a user is an administrator, which allows


There are several processes that must be performed before starting a preventive maintenance Cie. to determine the proper functioning of the components. These are:

* Test the floppy drive. One practical way this process is to have an updated antivirus disk as possible and run the program. This determines the proper functioning of the unit yet. It verifies that there is virus in the system.

* Check your hard disk with the DOS CHKDSK command.

* If you have installed multimedia, can be tested with a music CD, this determines that the speakers and the unit are good.

* Perform a test to any installed peripherals. It is better take a while to determine the correct operation of the computer and its peripherals before you start dismantling equipment.

* We must be cautious with the handling of system screws when disassembling. The screws are designed for all points. It is very important to differentiate are those who are short of medium and long. For example, if you use a long screw to mount the hard disk, you run the risk of damaging the internal card of the same.

Preventive maintenance, in 7 steps

Can be defined as the set of actions and tasks that are performed periodically to a computer to help optimize performance and prevent serious failures, thus prolonging its life.

Internal cleaning of your computer:

This task seeks to remove any dust that adheres to the parts and the whole interior of our PC. First of all you must disconnect the external cables that supply electricity and provide power to our PCs and other peripherals.

Can be used for such cleaning appliances, a small vacuum blower or especially with a small brush. Special emphasis near the microprocessor and the Source.

Review internal PC connectors:

Sure they are secure and not loose. Check also that the expansion cards and memory modules are connected.

Clean PC Monitor:

It is recommended to uncover the PC monitor just in case repair is to be stored off because after a lot of energy that could be dangerous, if not the case, one blowing air in through the vents and clean the screen and the filter screen with a dry cloth that leaves no residue or lint.

Addressing the mouse:

Underneath the mouse is a mouse or lid can be opened simply by turning in the direction indicated in the cover. Clean the ball that is within a lint-free cloth as well as shafts and avoid having some kind of particles attached to them.

If it is an optical mouse, always keep clean the pad (or pad where the mouse is used, that is valid for any type of mouse) and avoid having particles that obstruct the lens.

The drive:

There are some special diskettes designed to clean the head of the floppy drives. Before use, blow air through the inbox (where you enter the floppy).


By having all of them with a laser device is not recommended to open them if you are not qualified to do so. There are discs specially designed for cleaning lenses of these units.

The outer surface of the PC and peripherals:

It is recommended for this task a cloth moistened with liquid soap or a special substance containing no solvents or alcohol by its abrasive action, use it again after a dry, lint-free cloth.

The issue of software you have installed the PC and also requires maintenance is something that comment apart by the breadth of the subject.

Cleaning the PC

Isopropyl alcohol:

It is generally used to clean plates and tends to dry faster and does not stain as well as not having a strong odor. It also removes maimed you may have our cards or PC.

Wrist strap:

This is used to clean up when our PC, she avoided the static and possible short circuits and our PC. Is placed on the wrist and landed well to start with our cleaning.

White cloth:

This cloth is used to clean the PC either internally or externally, it should not drop down.


They are used to disassemble and assemble our PC at the time of internal maintenance well as for motherboards remove and refit.

Screen Cleaner:

Used to clean your monitor after or before performing maintenance on our PC.

Cleaner circuits:

It is used to clean internal PC cables so they are not damaged.

Compressed air

This tool is used to make internal cleaning the PC, to strip from dust, is also used in cleaning the power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other parts of our PC.


They are used for cleaning usually inside the PC these brushes are camel hair you long for lint-free, can also be used for keyboard, mouse, etc..