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Background: Chile is a country with more than 3,500 klms. coast and very seismic, 27 February 2010, between the 6th. and 8th. Regions felt a earthquake measuring 8.8 degrees in the provinces bordering with less intensity, but also of great danger, that is, the 5th. most destructive of human history, covering more than 800 miles, with hundreds of dead and cities in ruins. Minutes later picked up the sea to cause a tsunami that destroyed and flooded all the coastal cities in the earthquake that something could have been left standing.

The tsunami which occurred 20 minutes after the earthquake in Chile early in the morning swept through entire neighborhoods and thousands of homes in the coastal towns of central and south

To the extent that the authorities have had access to these remote coastal villages were cut off after the quake, have been able to realize the extent of devastation and death left by the tsunami.

The little prevention in the event of an event of this magnitude, the ease and freedom that is built near the sea, the poor quality of construction materials and the unwillingness of the authorities responsible for taking the first steps, after the earthquake , caused the loss of lives and property damage will increase significantly.

PRESENTATION: The “HOUSE ANTI tsunamis and earthquakes” (CATT)

a. “As shown in the photo sequence is anchored in a house made of metal PIBOTES SIX steel profiles ctms 15 x 5mm thick,” U “, which are installed in proportion, three on each side of a building, with its respective cross-media support. Each “portal or pair of supports are linked by a shaft to leave the property in suspension, this car axles and these axles convex end bearings are anchored in the channel profiles U UP allowing mobility AND DOWN.

b. “It shows a house with 6 x 3 mtrs or 18 mtrs square, but can be enlarged their proportions, taking into account a ratio of at least two lengths or width or length for a manga. Being the ideal of three lengths per sleeve (3 x 1).

c. “The house has a strut or a bow and stern that allow its quick, comfortable and soft floating return to its original position by vertical movement.

d. “The house has all based on an” empty tank “of at least 50 ctms. That allows the complete flotation, even considering all of the burden than a normal household may have.

e. “The house is accessed from the side by a ramp to the roof which is not fixed, set to walk, but have the same height or level.

f. “The rush of water services, gas and electricity should consider coupling hose high pressure at least 3 mtrs of slack. Be considered in a trunk on the side of the ramp roof, to protect the meters and free connections available.

g. “The sewage outlet both gray and black lines are made by separate flexible mobile and kept in trunks at the side of the ramp roof.

h. “The house at its naval (shaped like a boat), this is from the base to the windows (approx. 1.5 mtrs.) be of fiberglass, wood or just covered in resin. The rest can be any lightweight material, preferring the fiber and aluminum, taking into account where the total weight must be less, at least 20% of the displacement of the “tank empty”, which becomes the matrix system security. The house of 9,000 kilos example can move smoothly and the tare will be of 4,500 kls. Leaving it with some confidence and buoyancy.

In naval terms it is a mix or match between a house and a pontoon, or parallelepiped helmet floating platform used as a dwelling.

In all the outside about 5 mtrs away, especially those facing the sea, the urge to protect, each two meters pillars made of railroad ties of 5 mtrs. Two of which are underground, well anchored with concrete foundations. And therefore, protrude form the 3-meter protection and material progress of boats swept away to the height of the city and collide with the installation, in the same way that drag material protect the waters below, where again level.

i. “The house will have a VHF radio (frequency marine Banda 8 ITU) between 300 and 3,000 Mhz, dual system attached to a 12V electrical safety. (Lighting and power), two 6-PQS extinguishers kls. each and a basic first aid.The prototype home will be able to operate entirely on solar power based on following 10 specific criteria, ranging from the functionality of housing, whose surface must not exceed 80 m2-up their energy efficiency, through cost, convenience, aesthetics , quality of lighting and even hot water in addition to the fundamental factors of safety against earthquakes and tsunamis.

J. – In the prototype of 18 square meters with an approximate cost of 12,000 euros and the developed or expanded from 54 meters for 100,000 euros each with zero CO2 emissions. With these premises, the designer has created naval CATT House, a home built according to the dictates of ECOPENSAMIENTO and following an ideal of architectural quality, sustetabilidad that integrates environmental, ethical behavior and positive social impact. “To support energy saving and environmental requirements does not mean sacrificing looks and quality. On the contrary, the House CATT rebels against the principle of homogeneity, which guides the architecture of the house, to recover the pleasure of printing itself identity where we live. It is a house as of desire. ”

The project, which was submitted to the international media, expect this time to draw attention to the main bearers of the new trends in various fields, not only maintains an extremely low cost, but creates the conditions for much of investment is recovered through the energy that the house is able to generate. “To change the result must be reversed: moving from building to energy producers and consumers” by providing high security in coastal areas.

Be the first-home building in the world which produces more energy than it consumes and emits six times less greenhouse gases (GHG) than other similar initiatives including experimental proportions.

4.-It is not necessary to flee to the hills to an earthquake or tsunami, as the house has a buoyancy and cushioning. It also has 12V batteries with auto charging through photo voltaic sensors, the same procedure used for heating water, heating and a VHF radio.


1 .- Photo: General view from the side in normal-

Photo 2 .- Front view with cross section of land and stands .-

Photo 3.-Side View with cross section of soil and media.

Photo 4 and 5.-View of the tsunami input sequence, where the water falls well below the house. Water also hits the roof and ramp splits.

Photo 6.-The water is an obstacle out, fills the space and matched up, touching the bottom of the pond vacuum .-

Photo 7.-The House began its flotation and the local water begins to catch up with the tsunami.

Photos 8, 9 and 10. The house is fully floating and the water line located on the top of the respective empty pond, is 50 ctms above the water, preventing entry into the home.

Finally ..:

The house has not moved from place suffered only little “nods”

The rush of electricity and water hoses will yield enough to maintain services while they are maintained.

Automatically begin operating on emergency power system will automatically launch 12V and a warning by radio via a preset recording. “SOS”

Lowering the water returns to the house instead, but will the space below it filled with water.

Test will be installed at least one house “CATT” every 50 miles along the Chilean coast and currently serve as the establishment of a national network of community radios Tsunami emergency.

This project is subject to change and welcome suggestions, corrections and suggestions.

We appreciate your dissemination.



Project Creator CATT.

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The current situation facing science, requires large companies to develop pro-active search for alternatives to the growing crisis that now boarded paradigm.

The conceptual boundaries are set within this culture more media lead us to the exploration of new interpretive strata coexist in disciplinary spaces and pluriparadigmaticos, can find satisfactory answers in the building of a new order. For Prigogine and Kaufman, “chaos is the creator of order, ie from chaos self-organizing systems.”

Thus the ecological approach has become one of the paradigms of the New Age (New Era), determining the conceptual relationships derived from human-human-environment interactions in order to move towards the consolidation of ecological genealogy of faith ecoevolutivas relations immanent social niches.


In the multiverse of wholes ecoevolutivas relations (understood in terms of equality, and / or balance), will always be partial. (Oscar Fernandez, Aphorisms)

Ecological thinking emerges as a subversive movement against the destruction of the environment and human survival proclaims sustainably exploiting the resources from nature.

In terms of social semiotics ecological discourse translates into a whole philosophy of life that seeks the opportunity to address the design of our ecosystem as a dynamic whole and balanced. In that sense the intra-and extra-linguistic variations are developed on the threshold of the semiosphere metacognitive, producing interpretive forks signical-slip discontinuity between environmental relationships and neural networks of the observer-reader-writer, establishing a special reading and / or interpretation of the observed phenomenon, (read that others will always be partial) to configure / reconfigure the entire frame intellective performa a particular individual.

Social discourse is nuanced brought by fluctuations between power and desire to advocate symbolic associations between: order and chaos, gesture and image, and cathode ray neuronal impulses, life and death, etc. “This cultural framework scheduled by the postmodern turn this time can lead to a new discursive regime to represent society, to devise a new Community approach to understanding the dynamics of the globe in terms of a postmodern ecology” (1).

Immersed in the plane of the discussion are added various horizons ecosemiotica seeking to reconfigure and remove the universe of semiosis biological and / or physical eco-environmental relations. These horizons are ecoethics the ecopolitics, the ecocognicion, environmental technologies, the Ecomusa, the Ecosport, the ecoarquitectura, the ecofotografia, the ecoalimentacion, the ecomedicina, the ecocosmetologia, the ecocosmologia, the ecocosmogonia, the eco-philosophy, etc., In so the eCover.

At present we are witnessing the construction of the new dictionary of life. The echo dictionary which seeks to establish links interconnecting between environmental and human relations possible meanings. This dictionary suggests the existence of other (s) logic (s) (s) which (is) broken (n) with bipolar universe Aristotelian logic imposed by the binary character, and the Cartesian mechanistic paradigm – the Newtonian us imposing a single linear logic.

Integral thinking is a thought process, in which the opposites are unified through oscillations. Fritjof Capra, The Crucial Point (2).

Thinking about thinking environmentally is based on wholes, as opposed to reductionist thinking promotes the ecological interrelationships, for this reason, the ecopensamiento turns into complexity.


Greek proverb says that when the gods want to punish us fulfill all our wishes. Anonymous

Focaultianas dialogic relations are permeated not only by interactions signical – symbolic (which Foucault calls discourse), but also, their relationship is brought by partnerships with institutions. These methodical fluctuate discontinuously over time to set new interpretative frameworks that Foucault called the episteme, in that sense, “language is a reading of the signs inscribed in the things themselves” (Carlos Rojas) (3), depending on reading / proofreading to do, we can build a model structure of reality (always partial). Therefore, “the world is the primary text, our language, the comment of that infinite text” (Carlos Rojas) (4).

This is where we find some similarities between the method of speech M. Foucault and the theory of complex thinking proposed by E. Morin, more specifically with the dialogic principle.

The dialogic principle puts together two antagonistic terms and concepts that simultaneously repel and are inseparable to understand the same reality. The dialogical relationship is an antagonistic relationship concurrent and complementary. And in almost every speech Focaultiano is observed coming and going and concepts that are opposed, which power relations (relations of knowledge / power), an example of this situation we see in the vision literature Focaultiniana: “Literature is the language that is identified himself to the point of manifestation Glow, is the language as much as possible away from himself” (5). But if the thought aside Focaultiano resembles complex thinking does not necessarily mean that thought is complex, since the complexity is registered in the quantum paradigm, chaotic, irreversible, holistic and virtual approaches which Foucault is far widely. In fact the use of terms such as: Power / knowledge (seen as power relations). The shape, kind, history, body, etc. are expressions that suggest the existence of any organized social anatomy, hierarchical which aims to standardize human behavior. In this sense Foucault reduces complexity to a linear, ie a mechanism Cartesian – Newtonian and is more than words resignified they are, carry a meaning that is not in the man or men who use them, the words independent from their words, creating new realities – realities which in turn are not such.

In Foucault this away and approaching the other hand does not suggest a circular or cyclical vision, as well as ecological processes.

And it says Foucault away to look through the other which in turn is the result of the submission of the self that is not me but that is another. Looking at the other, we see Rene Descartes through the eye of Alejandro Moreno, who tells us: “Renato. Descartes travels from himself to himself and finds himself .- What else could find – as the foundation ” (6) to respond to Moreno from Foucault, it would find another.

If we assume that the speech Focaultiano is circular or cyclical nature, it could find complementary relations that approximate in different ways, in structure, traditional relations of cause and effect studied using the scientific method could result in new proposals or resemantizing of the familiar.

To try to approach these puzzles, one could study the ideas of Foucault in relation to the interactions generated between thought and speech, in this sense are: “It seems that Western thought had ensured that the speech has little space as possible between thought and speech, seems to have ensured that the passage appears only as a kind of contribution between thinking and speaking, thinking that would be covered with signs and made visible by the words or, conversely, would be the same structures language used and producing an effect of sense. ” (M. Foucault. The order of discourse) (7)

In summary, the pedigree method has interesting it Focaultiano discursive qualities that can be applied in studies relating to future semiecologicos societal deconstruction, it is necessary to save the point that even though Foucault can be considered a philosopher located on a transitional basis (in thought) , between modernity and postmodernity, his genealogical, has applications that go beyond the given and even thought by its creator.


“The contributions from the alternative technologies of eco-development, sustainable development and other variants of this kind, are tangible signs of a search history which can lead to critical – and crativamente – a new way of life.” (Rigoberto Lanz. Ethics and technology in the postmodern).

In semiotics technology there is a particular kind of axiology, which part of the immediate needs of man, according to a logic of production and consumption. For its part alternative technologies will emerge as a kind of prescription to mend the destruction oriented man-made and technological. The alternative technology is the ecological approach which this technique draws on a ecoethics which takes as its main slogan: “Saving the planet.”

But reading between the lines and analyze the art semiogenesis We observed a very particular situation, is that although the official sell the idea geocentric culture. The dominant logic we still talking about a anthropocentrism. And that man is opposed to East West has been formed to take worship to himself where he does – even if it produces benefits to others – is channeled on the basis of a self-satisfaction.

Our culture defines the tibral Westernized Indian and Asian philosophical bases that are oriented towards the individual.

It should be acknowledged that the current world hybridization product of the global village, and all the processes of acculturation presents a Westernization of the East and West Orientalization antagonistic civilization processes before today complementary.

And maybe we will find hope in this new civilizational process to which we could call the new Yin – Yang postmodern or just ecocivilizacion.


(1) LANZ, Rigoberto. Ethics and Technology in postmodernity. Caracas. 1995. (2) CAPRA, Fritjof. Crucial Point. Edit Anagram. Barcelona. 1995 (3) ROJAS, Carlos. Foucault and contemporary thought. Edit the University of Puerto Rico. 1988. (4) ROJAS, Carlos. IDEM. (5) Davila, Jorge. M. Literature as Foucault. RELEA magazine. N ^0 7 January-April 1999 (6) MORENO, Alejandro. The Ring and the plot. Episteme, modernity, and people. (7) M. Foucault. L. Ondrea du discours, Gallimard, 1971.