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* Index cards

* Sheets hemerogrficas

* Sheets textual

* Summary Sheet

* The simple report




Structuring bibliographic properly as useful resources for the study, allowing the description of the general characteristics and locations of the books I consulted.


Separate from Chapter 6 of the course, two books, cardboard or thick paper, stationery.


1. – Perform all reported occurring in the separate tabs on the respective literature.

2. – Choose two books suitable for practice.

3. – Based on the model presented in the separate, elaborate two bibliographic records of books chosen, taking into account their different characteristics and teacher recommendations.


SHEETS hemerogrficas


Chips properly structure periodicals as useful resources for the study, allowing the descriptions of the general characteristics and recording important items that are queried.


Extract from Chapter 6 of the document, magazines, newspapers, etc. submit articles with the author’s name, cardboard or thick paper, stationery.


1. – Review all information given in the handout on journalistic tab.

2. – Choose two items suitable for practice.

3. – Based on the model that presents the separate, elaborate two periodicals tab of items selected bearing in mind the characteristics of these tab and teacher recommendations.




Develop efficient textual tokens allowing literal transcription of a portion of an author’s work, serving as a useful resource for the study and implementation of academic papers.


Extract from Chapter 6 of the course, books or other publications of actors cardboard or thick paper, stationery.


* Book all the information given in the separate tab on the textual

* Choose the parts of the work or works to be transcribed.

* Based on the model presented in the separate, 2 chips textual structure of parts of the works chosen, bearing in mind the characteristics of these chips and teacher recommendations.




Structure Summary sheets properly. Topics of diverse works as useful resources for the study and performance of works.


Extract from Chapter 6 of the course

Books or other publications from cardboard or thick paper, stationery


* Prepare all the information given in the summary tab.

* Choose the topics of the works to be summarized.

* Based on the model presented in the separate

* Develop summary sheets selected themes




Compose simple reports effectively as a form of communication, clear and detailed information on some activities related to work done or is taking dig.


Extract from Chapter 6 of the course, supporting material (sheets, questionnaires interviews, videos, photos etc.. Desk Material


* Make all information in the handout on the report.

* Choose y7 work activities that will be considered in the report.

3) Based on the model presented in the separate draw

summary sheets of the topics chosen keeping in mind the parties

the respective format and teacher recommendations.


* Is the recorded information that helps a student to study and learn.

* What are the notes

* To serve the notes

Suitable for:

* Helping to understand, retain, and recall information from separate

* To prepare presentations, group discussions, a topic, etc..

* What are the sources from which you take notes

* Written sources: printed material (books, magazines etc.).

* Oral Sources: exhibitions, lectures, group discussions, etc..

* Sources Heuristics: From our own participation in observations, experiments, interviews, surveys, etc.

* What main instruments used to record notes

The instruments used for this are as follows:

* Note Pad

* Sheets study.

* Field notebook.

* Observation Guide.

* What are the methods split classes listening

* Method based on the attention and memory

* Method based on the attention and takes notes total.

* Method based on memory attention and takes notes moderate.

* From what he says and does the teacher if possible to literally.

* That the student should take notes when listening classes

* How to record information during class

* First understand the teacher and summarize information in our own words.

* Do not copy everything.

* Find main ideas.

* Use writing quickly.

* Write in a clear and legible

* Aim ideas in schematic form.

* Stresses ideas.

* Note the references used by the teacher.

* At the end of a synthesis.

* Advantages Disadvantages

No need other notebooks Lack of unity and order in Chapters

All subjects were assigned hampers the rapidly locate

in one pad and this causes loss of time have.

* What advantages and disadvantages involved in the overall notebook notes Advantages Disadvantages

It is divided into several sections quickly ends

Borders separate section which requires using a

different colors new notebook

* What advantages and disadvantages has systematized notebook notes Advantages Disadvantages

The notes have a unit We must carry

And consistency several notebooks to others

Use a notebook for books and other things

Each subject

* What advantages and disadvantages involved in the independent book notes Set of documents in the form of cards which can record information from a source is acknowledged. Etc.

* What are the flashcards They are sorted alphabetically by last name authors and are stored in a file or box that may be suitable different material.

* As should order the flashcards F. F. Bibliographical Hemerogrficas

Presents the characteristics of a data regarding Register

Book. to an article that appears in a different register is used to

works we have read magazine in order that it can be located promptly.

* You can set differences between bibliographic records and library records It is a form in which literally transcribed a portion of an author’s work to what is recorded in the tab is likely appointment of a monograph, thesis, etc..

* What is a text file It is that in which the reader condenses the main points of a topic, article, or other writing.

* What the summary tab It is clear and precise summary is performed on a sheet either literary or scientific type, its importance is to show the key parts of the work to non-specialists or who find it difficult to acquire

* What is the review or relationship and what is its significance

* A so-called recession and what are its parts

It is the summary of a written work, later to exercise critical judgment, comprises the following parts:

Description, summary, and critique.

18. What the report and how we classify it

It is a form of communication that presents a clear and detailed some possible activities and are classified as:

* Simple Report

* Scientific Report

19. What the scientific paper which comprises parts

It is a form of scientific communication on new advances and scientific discoveries – technology. It comprises the following parts:

* Title

* Extract

* Introduction

* Body

* Conclusions

20. That difference can be established between paper and senior thesis

Thesis University Monograph

Research papers on research work

A topic which should be accompanied by

You must bring something new and useful reasoning.


* A set of factors and conditions mannered standards and recommendations should be taken into account to efficiently perform the study and other activities

* In psychohygiene consisting in intellectual work

* How would you respond to the questions posed by the study psychohygiene

* That study

everything that agrees with the vocation, skills, etc:

* Why study

Because the study is the easiest way to achieve learning.

* For that study

To be an educated person, to be a good professional, etc.

* How to study

Using the methods and techniques most appropriate study

* The study

According to the physical and mental condition of each subject

* When you study

When the biological, psychological, etc.. Are most suitable.

* Where to study

In the place that suits us quite light and quiet.

* Negative influence on the process of the study since many diseases and ailments depress us and we will not feel like studying.

* How to influence physical health in the study The continuous strenuous physical exercise which weaken the body will not look as desired

* When negatively influence the physical exercises in the study Because the body does not rest properly and replenishes lost energy causing a state of general decay.

* Why is negative for the study did not sleep well the appropriate times The diet in general should be: full (eat everything properly) balanced (balanced around the 13% protein 37% fat and 50% carbohydrate per day), varied (not continuously ingest one or a few types of food ), pleasant

(Which we like, but that is nutritious and healthy, well prepared and free of germs)

* How should the diet for a study efficient They are very bad because it does not allow us to study and weaken the body.

* Do you think of the influence of gender in the study The conditions of compression will be negative and that alter the nervous system.

* What is the relationship between drug use and study That, we will take care to study the subject explained.

* What is the relationship between the will and attention to the study Negative effect in some cases such as when we fall in love we lose the desire to study.

11. How memory influences in the study

It is important that through the memory can retain thoughts and judgments and make it easier to study.

* How affective influences in the study It is the ability of the subject to solve new or problematic situations.

* What is intelligence Why does not damage the view of the reader, have to avoid the incidence of sunlight lo9s on the text being studied.

* Why is it better to study with natural light Must be appropriate to the time of day and the seasons

* As ventilation should be designed to study instead Must be Freso around 18 C

* How should the temperature of the place destined to study By allowing the study have on hand what you need without wasting time looking for it.

* Why order is considered as a fundamental aspect of intellectual work

* What time of day do you think is the most suitable for studying why.

We suggest using the first morning after sleeping satisfactorily.

18. How important is the development of a schedule for every day activities

It is very important so that the student can plan their activities.

19. What are the main pedagogical conditions for the study

* Purpose of the study

* Methods and study skills.

* Study Habits.

* Responsibility and duty of the student.

20. When it is said that the social welfare student achievement

When adequate resources to meet their needs such as:

Food, clothing, housing, etc..


Alexey Alvaro GARCIA PINTO