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1. Introduction

2. Indicators of the tourism industry in hospitality

3. Corpoturismo requirements for five star hotel category

4. List of Five Star hotels in Venezuela (1991)

5. Conclusions

6. Bibliography

1. Introduction

The classified as 5 star hotels are hospitality companies that have an ancient tradition rooted in the Old Continent.

Chains are consolidated and powers which are recognized worldwide hits in the Tourism Sector, specifically talking about the housing area.

Through various studies conducted by expert companies in tourism, we have known that the most important target of the hotels in question, is the businessman.

This is determined by the fact that such customer has no time to lose and therefore need to do as little effort as possible during their stay.

This proved that the main customers of the five star hotels remain minimal time in their rooms, so that the services it offers should be oriented toward making possible activities from six in the evening and relax and concentrated to comfort, as these clients remain long periods staying at these hotels.

Another important target of these hotels are the people of Level A or high income, those staying in these hotels to enjoy certain luxuries without making the least effort possible while enjoying your vacation.

Then the question arises: In a country like ours, with a political and economic situation as unstable, five star hotels are a real alternative for the development of tourism

2. Indicators of the tourism industry in hospitality

The total supply of hotel rooms in Venezuela accounts for 17% of total Caribbean, according to figures for 1991 Corpoturismo. The range of hotels suitable for international visitors (5, 4 and 3 stars, according Corpoturismo and Anahoven) reaches 139 hotels (up 15% on 1989), with 17,114 rooms (an increase of 55% over 1989).

The following table lists the hotels and hotel rooms, according to their classification. Hotels 1, 2 and 3 stars has an average of 65 rooms each.

1991 hotels and classification

Hotel sector statistics for 1990 and the first half of 1991 appear in Figure N.1. Hotel occupancy and profit margins stabilized in the next two years, with a cup in 1990 average occupancy of 64% and an average profit margins of 31%.

The average room rates in bolivars have increased in the past eight years by a factor of nearly eight. However, in dollars, the average room rate registered a slight decline, from a peak of $ 77 in 1982, to an average of U.S. $ 65.30 in 1990, rates per room for the first six months of 1991 remained in a average of U.S. $ 68.39.

National monetary speaking, we find that for the years in which the situation was relatively stable dollar, the average rate for a room in a five star hotel was about approximately 4000 Bs so you could say that was accessible to a A and B level or to the then existing middle class.

Today, considering that rates are still governed by the fluctuation of the dollar, the chances that an ordinary citizen can stay in one of these hotels, are dwindling.

However, the other side of the coin is that this situation is attractive to foreigners, as Europeans and Americans, for whom our country is a very inexpensive destination.

For some of these tourists, Venezuela continues to be a market for sun and beach, where they established a few years ago that in his time hotels were five stars, but they continue to offer high quality services. Since our shores have been and remain highly coveted by the Nordic market and especially European.

It is important to highlight the evolution currently taking Venezuelan tourist activity, since in recent years have emerged new trends are going, and not to a city tourism, shopping and the beach, but to adventure tourism, ecotourism or simply relaxation.

The current competition unexpected five-star hotels, and not themselves, but the tourist lodges that are spreading throughout the country and offer a very high quality of service and traditional, very objectives pursued by people visiting our country, not just looking for a nice hotel facilities, but also want a more direct contact with the people and customs of the destination they visit.

The vast majority of five-star hotels, knowing this, are constantly devising new plans “special” that allow people with less purchasing power to enjoy the services provided by these hotels, without necessarily see its budget affected.

Some examples that can be cited are the plans offered by hotels like the Intercontinental, the Hilton and the Eurobuilding for the seasons of Easter, Carnival and New Year, or just for some weekends.

3. Corpoturismo requirements for five star hotel category

In order to qualify for a particular class depending on their type and category, the company must comply tourist accommodation at the project with architectural indices established in the appropriate boxes according to their classification.


Parking, include:

– Car park, whose capacity will depend on the number of rooms of the establishment, social and commercial areas that comprise it.

– Special area for parking of taxis and tour buses.

– Parking management employees.

– Area covered in the main entrance of the establishment (entry covers cars) enough for parking and vehicle traffic.

Reception area, include:

– A main entrance

– A separate luggage input and clearly differentiated from previous relationship and communication with directly with the lift or elevator service.

– Stair lifts and public, according to the capacity of accommodation, located adjacent to the reception, lobby and main entrance.

– The lobby and main living (Lobby) consisting of:

a. – Lounge with color TV

b. – living rooms

c. – Payphones with soundproof booths

d. – public toilets for ladies and gentlemen

The Cash Register Front-comprised of:

a. – Reception desk and information

b. – box, separated from the reception

c. – special desk for groups receiving

d. – Individual safes

e. – Counter for Captain Buttons

f. – Spacious luggage area with luggage and trolleys trunk

g. – Office Manager on Duty for publicly accessible

Public services units, include:

– Main Dining Room

– Daily Dining

-Cafeteria-tank Soda Fountain

– Bar separately with deposit

– Disco or nightclub (Nigth Club) with dance floor, live music and deposit.

– Toilets for ladies and gentlemen on each public agencies

Office of Administration, will include:

– Office of Management

-Office for Departmental Managers

– Reservation Office and telex (receipt attached)

– First aid room. You must have the necessary equipment to allow emergency medical assistance.

– Automatic telephone (receipt attached) with internal communication to all units and rooms. His operation was left out of public view.

– Toilets for ladies and gentlemen.

Dependencies of General Services, will include:

– Entry of pedestrian and vehicular service, independent of the guest.

– Platform switching yard loading and unloading of goods, control, and scales.

– Area employees control, surveillance and security.

– Dressing and health staff for ladies and gentlemen.

– Rooms to employees as appropriate, for ladies and gentlemen.

– Being of employees.

– Offices for the various operational and administrative departments.

– Area of warehouses and several.

– Deposit refrigerated garbage.

– Watertight dump.

– Tank cleaning.

– Elevators-forklift service: there must be a vertical circulation system service through service elevators and stairs, which should have a direct relationship with the servants and kitchen.

– The movement of both horizontal and vertical service, must be presented in a way that does not interfere with the guests.

The kitchen units are:

a. – The main kitchen area include hot and cold kitchens, with their preparation areas (meat, fish, seafood, poultry, vegetables, sauces and other), dishwashing and cooking pots, storage of foods, cooking and delivery, confectionery and bakery.

b. – The capacity of the main kitchen will depend on the number of rooms and the area to be served.

c. – There should be support auxiliary kitchens, which serve units meeting and banquet when they require it, with an efficient system of vertical and horizontal movement.

d. – A dining room for employees located next to the kitchen area, its size will be calculated according to the number of existing employees and shifts.

e. – eaters (main journal) and kitchens should be separated by a small room with double doors to the service of waiters, which will prevent the visual record from the customer, to the kitchens.

f. – Office for Chef (Chef) in an area other than the kitchen.

g. – Room service must communicate with ground services (maids quarter), through elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators or elevators service.

h. – There should be an extra space at room service area, which will be occupied by the equipment used to transport orders (rolling stock).

i. – The pantry will include a food store, next to the main kitchen, which will supply the pantry general.

j-washroom (cleaning).

Maintenance units will be made up:

a. – Office of the Chief of Maintenance.

b. – Deposit.

c. – Workshops number.

Residential Zone. Include:

– To be furnished, adjacent to the elevators and public stairways in each plant type.

– The housing units will be comprised of:

a. – Single rooms.

b. – Double.

c. – Rooms suites.

– The rooms must have a private bathroom and closet, including wardrobe (closet).

– The rooms must have a finished floor and wall to wall windows featuring qu epermitan cut protection over external light.

Each room should have a minimum of:

a. – Beds (single or double)

b. – Four (4) Pillow

c. – two (2) nightstands

d. – two (2) trunk

e. – two (2) chairs

f. – Desktop

g. – Hairdresser with chair

h. – Minibar

i. – Mesa

j. – table lamp

k. – Pictures

l. – Ashtrays


The bathroom should have all their walls and floors covered with ceramic tiles and must have at least the following provision:

a. – Excused (W.C.)

b. – Bath with shower

c. – Sink

d. – Bidet

e. – Handshower

f. – Cabinets

g. – Assistant phone

h. – facial towel dispenser

i. – Point indicating voltage electricity

j. – Towel set (3 sizes)

k. – Bathrobe

l. – Trash

m. – Sewing equipment, shoe cleaning, dressing, oral care, personal hygiene, personal hygiene, first aid

n. – Swimming Cap

. – A pair of slippers

The light switches, background music, radio and air conditioning, should be located near the head of the bed, or in another prominent right in the room.

The service floor (room maids) must have appropriate areas for lingerie, cleaning tools, lavamopas, ducts garbage and dirty laundry.

a. – telephones

b. – toilet (W. C.) and sinks

c. – Deposit of additional beds

This area debertener a direct relationship with the movement of the service.

Complementary services. Include:

Commercial Zone

a. – Local sale of newspapers, magazines and other services

b. – Local hairdresser and barber

c. – Local craft

d. – Local car rental without driver

e. – Local travel agency and tour (tourist information)

f. – Local number

Meeting and banquet Dependencies:

a. – Multipurpose room subdivided

b. – Deposit for multipurpose room.

c. – Lobby for the multipurpose room

d. – Party room, meeting and banquet

e. – Toilets for men and women in each of the units

f. – Deposit for ballroom and meeting rooms

g. – Lobby for ballroom and meeting rooms

Laundry. Include:

a. – Areas of washing, drying, ironing, sorting and delivery (workspace)

b. – Housekeeper Office

c. – Sewing room

d. – Deposits

The laundry equipment must maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency.

– Swimming pool and related services. Include:

a. – Swimming pool for adults and one for children, or a single properly differentiated.

b. – Entry of bathers to the hotel, which will lead directly to the vertical circulation core or to the rooms.

c. – Health-Dressing next to the pool, for ladies and gentlemen

Of service delivery

Provide the following services:

– Reception permanently staffed by skilled and trilingual (Castilian, English and another language), 24 hours a day.

– Standing at the counter information regarding shows, tours, recreation, tourist sites, transportation schedules, hotel reservations and transportation, all without additional charge.

– Securities custody service.

– Goalkeeper outside 16 hours a day at least.

– Taxi service 24 hours a day.

– Charge of luggage per shift and a sufficient number of buttons, in line with the movement of the establishment,

must be on duty 24 hours a day.

– Telex service 24 hours a day and secretarial services and correspondence for twelve hours a day.

– Free parking for guests of the establishment.

– Background music in all common rooms.

– Doctor on call 24 hours a day.

– Babysitting service 24 hours a day, previously employed by the host.

– Service of the soda fountain cafe-16 hours a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

– Kitchens, which must serve at least three hours for lunch and for dinner.

– Letters and menu food and beverage service, offered printed in Castilian, English and another language.

– Bar Service, subject to be provided in this room, should be offered in others, such as living room, dining room, Multipurpose Room, outdoor areas and game rooms, if they had.

– Barman, Captains Maitre and bilingual Bars and Eateries (Castilian and another language).

– Food and beverage service to the rooms (room service) 24 hours a day.

– Daily press in the rooms.

– Ice machines on each floor.

– Change of linen and towels in the rooms daily and when there is change of host.

– Preparation of bed every night in the rooms occupied.

– Provided ice and cold potable water to the rooms permantentemente.

– Color TV, three video channels (one in English), background music and radio in every room.

– Automatic service phone calls, international external, with auxiliaries in the bathroom.

– Service of hot and cold water in the bathrooms of the rooms for 24 hours a day.

– Laundry, ironing and sewing clothes for guests for six days a week and 16 hours a day at least.

– Fast Service Laundry with delivery within 4 hours maximum.

– The hours of operation of the pool shall be duly noted, in a visible place next to it.

– Service pool, you must have a lifeguard during the hours it is operational. – Food and beverage service near the pool.

– Service for audiovisual, shows various and simultaneous translation, in the Multipurpose Room.

– Desktop computer provided in the room (stationery, pens and text Bolivarian literature).

4. List of Five Star hotels in Venezuela (1991)

Caracas Hilton Hotel. Metropolitan Area. Federal Dtto

Hotel President. Metropilitana Area. Federal Dtto

Tamanaco Intercontinental Hotel. Metropolitan Area. Federal Dtto

Eurobuilding Hotel. Metropolitan Area. Federal Dtto *

Macuto Sheraton Hotel. Caraballeda. Federal Dtto

Hotel Meli Caribe. Caraballeda. Federal Dtto

Hotel Meli Puerto La Cruz. Puerto La Cruz. Anzotegui

Hotel Pipo. Maracay. Aragua *

Hotel Inetrcontinental Guiana. Puerto Ordaz. Bolivar

Intercontinental Hotel Valencia. Valencia. Carabobo

Barquisimeto Hilton Hotel. Barquisimeto. Lara

Margarita Hotel Concorde. Margarita. Nueva Esparta

Margarita Hilton Hotel. Margarita. Nueva Esparta

Flamingo Beach Hotel. Margarita. Nueva Esparta

Hotel Laguna Mar Margarita Margarita. Sparta *

Hotel Marina Bay. Margarita. Sparta *

Hotel Isla Bonita. Margarita. Sparta *

Hotel Dunes Resort. Margarita. Sparta *

Lake Hotel Intercontinental. Maracaibo. Zulia

Hotel Maruma. Maracaibo. Zulia

* Updated

5. Conclusions

Definitely Venezuela is changing, and with it tourism. Each day we realize that we can not only offer a tourism “classic” of luxury and comfort, for others at great cost, targeting foreigners and people of a higher income level, but given the current situation in the country, we focus more on the development of domestic tourism and inbound, domestic and foreign targets with a lower level of income, but they can enjoy the same services.

The key to success in any hotel establishment is the good service, whether it is an inn or a 5 star hotel. If you really educates the public in this regard, we will obtain a greater domestic tourism and receptive than other developed countries could offer touristically like Mexico or Spain.

The 5 star hotels are an alternative to tourism, but only to a certain, and reduced target population. In conclusion, as they increase the interest for adventure tourism and / or contemplation, agritourism and other modalities, will diminish the importance of the 5 star hotels in tourism revenues in the nation.

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