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1. Introduction

2. Birth of Saint

3. His Fame

4. Your Retirement

5. His Death

6. The saint as a person

1. Introduction

On February 5, 1984 Mexico’s people awoke to the terrible news that made him shudder, as the sport’s biggest legend Mexican ceased to exist. The man who scored one of the most important stages of our sport, we had advanced on the trip.

The silver-masked gave another value to wrestling, through whom passed borders, and his fame was immense, though not as big as his humility, because despite being the largest gladiator to become in one of the greatest luminaries of Mexican cinema was always a noble man and a friend to all who approached him.

Some might say that his work in the ring or on the big screen was surpassed by other characters, but the truth is that no one else managed to become the best hero of Mexico, a social phenomenon that even decades after the great researchers fail explained, but it is somewhat understandable, as fame and achieved an idol interrelationship with their fans is incomprehensible. In Europe it was thought a character created Superman style but great was his surprise to find it was a figure of flesh and blood who fought in Mexico.

His Beginnings

Silver dress with a mask over his face to conceal his features, muscular, strong and agile, Rodolfo Guzmn Huerta, better known as Santo “The Silver Masked” proved to be one of the great personalities of the show and figure embedded in culture popular. It is known that he was born in Tulancingo, the September 23, 1917 and his parents were Jess Guzmn Campuzano and Josefina Huerta (Mrquez) de Guzmn. Rodolfo was the fifth of seven children. Charismatic and physical presence was doomed from the start to be an outstanding fighter. His main weapon as his powerful legs.

In the 20s, the head of the Guzman family, in their quest to find new horizons for their children, decided to emigrate to Mexico City. Your new home down near the garden del Carmen in the Tepito neighborhood and enters the primary Rodolfo “Abraham Castellanos” in order to finish his studies he had begun in his native Tulancingo.

Rodolfo’s hobby was sports, especially baseball and football. However, his interest in wrestling was evident in the thirties. According posters of the time, show that Rodolfo began his career in the pankration the June 28, 1934 in Cozumel Peralvillo Arena, although Mexican Wrestling Company (EMLL) ensures that began in 1935 with Deportivo Col. Islands Guerrero. When Rodolfo worked in a hosiery factory lady came to learn jiu-jitsu. After wrestling learned, which encouraged him to become a wrestler. It was in the arena of Pachuca where Jack O’Brien fighter also saw Rodolfo luchstico style-who called himself “Rudy” Guzman and recommended with Jesus Lomeli instructor EMLL (directed by Salvador Lutteroth Glz.), Who brought to the capital.

However Rodolfo passed unnoticed in the beginning, it was not bad, but could not get into the taste of amateur, so he decided to disguise, and embody a new character.

Rodolfo was a mask, a new team, and a couple of months later appeared as RED MAN. He had to fight almost daily for several parts of the city to earn a living. When there was fighting performed various tasks: modeler, painter, carpenter, mechanic, and several more. In 1936 Rodolfo joined the EMLL and triumphed in the old Arena Mexico in form and lost two matches in the following. Again, the same story: not unnoticed, and the public still did not take it into account, so in November of that year he decided to leave the EMLL. Also Jesus Lomeli came from the ranks of the company to make your own show and does not hesitate luchstico find the red man, Rodolfo thus was reunited with the man who had helped in the beginning.

Trying to get fame and fortune Rodolfo Guzman decides to masquerade as the BAT II drawing a little fame of Jesus “the bat” Velzquez, but the owner of the original name appeals to the authorities of the Box y Lucha Commission, it removed to the fledgling fighter. Rodolfo was stunned, without intention, much work had cost him get some fame, and suddenly, his dreams were over the side and top it trastocaba family life with the death of his father (Jess Guzmn Campuzano ).

2. Birth of Saint

In the early ’40s, Rudolph married Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Montano (Ling) in the church of the Madeleine Mixhuca, and his godfather was Lutteroth Salvador Gonzlez. Marriage fathered ten children: Alexander, Mary of the Angels, Hctor Rodolfo, Blanca Lilia, Victor Manuel, Miguel Angel, Silvia Yolanda, Maria de Lourdes, Mercedes, and Hijo del Santo.

In that decade, both as Rodolfo Don Jesus Lomeli returned back to EMLL. Days later Don Jesus already had a new team, a totally silver. Now he had to choose a name, Don Jesus had thought of the saint, the Devil or angel, Rodolfo chose the first one, and with about seven dollars, began to make the team, which was extremely humble, the mask was a real oven, it was pigskin, and within it, the heat was unbearable.

On July 26, 1942 he made his debut as the Holy HOLY there had to be measured with the BLACK WOLF, who was dominating widely, despair gripped the silver, who could not find a way to defeat your enemy, the young SILVER MASKED then resorted to violence, faulear began his rival, the referee tried to stop it, but what I did was that the saint’s shirt to pieces, the third on the ropes could not manage a way to stop the hurricane attack of rough rookie, so I opted for the healthiest: disqualify.

No one had ever lost by disqualification in our country, so people stayed admired the new rude. The Silver yearned to be the champion in the different categories of pankration and please the audience who paid to see it. With that fighting spirit, the August 16, 1942, in the old Arena Mexico who would be faced with over the years, one of its fiercest opponents: “Bobby” Bonales “The Wonder Moreliana”. With that battle, The Holy reflected on the value of his mask: “I decided keep against all odds, it was the ultimate expression of my personality, the perfect symbol of the mystery could surround my figure in the ring.”

In early 1943 faced Jesus “The Bat” Velzquez, one who had not allowed him to masquerade as Bat II. In the spirit of the saint had a desire for revenge. The bat was the national middleweight king, but The Silver Masked beat him. Then came one win after another. To deal with the silver had to respect the rules of the game that he would propose using the phrase: “No one is behind the mask. Everyone and no one at a time.”

Since then, El Santo began a race to the top that no one could stop, became the best welterweight, nobody could with him, then, was National Champion in this division, and then National Champion Middle.

At that time, Don Salvador Lutteroth thought it was time to open a new store for wrestling, and he built the Coliseum Arena, but had to open this great property with a sensational fight, and elected a true master, the most idol of the time, Carlos “El Tarzan” Lopez, against rookie sensation, the most hated rude, El Santo. This confrontation took place on April 2, 1943.

That fight was the first major frustration of silver, was at stake the world middleweight championship that had “The Tarzan” Lopez, and the champion won with a resounding two straight.

This was a very painful for holy, because he thought that he was on the cusp, but handled The Tarzan download it from their cloud. At age 26, silver suffered the most shocking defeat of his career. Himself, on June 11

that year was defeated by Roberto “Bobby” Bonales, who snatched the National Middleweight Championship.

In late 1943, The Holy faced Jack Blomfiel and during the second assault of the battle, the latter managed to get the mask, but to his surprise underneath that was another! The Silver preserved and the mystery of his identity and pounced on his opponent, which only got him disqualified. Within days, fiercely hit “Teeth” and in the hallway Hernandez faced two irate fans, which caused the Holy spend the night in jail. In May 1944, a car accident that nearly cost him his life. After living this slump once again, scored a major victory by removing the hair to Jack O’Brien. Shortly after the National Championship recover middleweight, defeating “Bobby” Bonales.

In mid-1944, “Gori” Holy Warrior looking at offers to be your partner. He agrees, but only within the Republic, as the native of Guadalajara was not yet known in the capital, Santo was again the National Champion Middle Weight. However, the brutality of Salvador Guerrero to rumble and soon earned nicknames as the bird of Storms and The Jackal. Times were tough bestial, as Leon Kirilenko “The Mad Russian”, only wrestler in history whose sadism caused the public would throw excrement night debut.

Everything seemed to point toward Sunday November 19, 1944, when El Santo and Gori climb into the ring of the Arena Mexico for trashing “Bobby” and Jack O’Brien Bonales, initiating a bloody and destructive dumbbell chronicler Andere Too did not hesitate The couple christened in Atomic. Thus Gori fame took Santo (the fighter of the year in 1944) to be placed in the star, and in return, gave him a key to his invention of a horse’, that the saint would be responsible for endorsing it. In 1946 The Atomic couple was declared the best of the year and one-year Silver achieved important victories, the main one: get the world welterweight championship, defeating Pete Pancoff Bulgarian. Also celebrated the acquisition of its first home ownership. The last time Santo and Gori went into the ring as The Atomic couple was in 1953, when he won a “Tarzan” Lopez and Pilusso.

The fifty mark a watershed in the life of the saint. On one hand, a heart attack would cause the death of Josefina Huerta, fighter and mother, on the other hand, in 1951 the fighter began to take shape as an icon of popular culture, thanks to cartoons of Joseph G. Cruz.

His biggest prize, the black shadow mask

“I do not think man in the world able to deprive the satisfaction of discovering the face of so unfriendly that campeoncito … once and for all destroy the ridiculousness’ll enclosing the Santo after his silver mask”, warned that the Black Shadow Press a few days before the match’s flagship national wrestling. The rubber man as he was known, was five years in the ring, she was paired with Blue Demon, and claiming to be brothers (though they were just pals), and was famous for its stops suicide. Between the saint and the rivalry had arisen to death. Both masks would be played and the reputation of the newly divided EMLL.

On November 17, 1952 was the date chosen. At 22:30 hours, before a packed Coliseum Arena over six thousand throats, Shadow and The Holy climb into the ring, followed by his assistants Dick Blue Demon and Medrano, respectively. After several minutes of probing ground, searching carefully the weak point of the enemy, Shadow decides to launch over rival but fails to launch, The Ghost takes to do a crotch and leave back to the canvas. In the second fall, Black Shadow begins to dominate the Silver Masked with punches and kicks flying forearm; coach imposes his science and is open to all the keys Santo finally lashes out with a stop against the silver-masked and it knocked down. Everything is decided in the last drop: Shadow, grown, launches Ghost on the ropes and applies several whips to finish with a mighty crab. The Silver holds and manages to escape to attack Shadow with a whip, preamble to its traditional key on horseback’. The public believed that the fight had ended, but not because of anything he said, Shadow “Rubber Man”.

Not only shook off the key, but sought to apply half the idol Ochoa, who corresponded with a lever arm before falling entangled in a double half crab. Few surviving witnesses of that end: The elusive Holy capped Shadow deadly whose fate is out of the string. Back The Silver Masked receives it with scissors to the head, accommodates a kick between the legs and finally subjected to a frog. The referee raises his hand Ruben Blancarte Holy while saying the name of the hooded Black Shadow is Alejandro Cruz Ortiz, he takes off his mask but not delivery to Santo, she flees with her to the locker room to the surprise of all. Blue Demon came into the dressing room and told him and give it to him, because the press would throw it up, so just another mask then sent to Santo.

Stung by the death of his friend (Black Shadow) Blue Demon Ghost faces and defeats in two straight falls. That was the second major humiliation suffered by the Ghost, but was also the last, because nobody ever beat him in hand to hand in two straight falls.

3. His Fame

The first boom of wrestling in Mexico occurred during the last stage of the government of Miguel Aleman, at the dawn of the 50s, especially transmissions televised fights (suspended in 1954). In those years, Joseph G. Cruz began publishing its successful cartoon Santo and this in turn earned the devotion of much of the public to be avenged some insults to national pride, as when Sugi Sito defeated in 1954 to win the World Championship and incidentally Middle avenge to “Tarzan” Lopez, or when Mexico won the world title for the NWA Welterweight Pancoff to Peter, he did win out in the sand shoulders. All Mexico wanted to see the Holy. Such was the demand to see him, that on several occasions appeared masked scheduled the same day and same time in two different arenas, which meant the emergence of some clones of Holy advantage using the mask to make money in small sands inside the Republic. Rodolfo Guzmn began making his fortune in those years, but also fighting for a drink and a meal. His great simplicity and obsessively with protecting his true face, would accompany him until the day of his death.

By the late ’50s, Fernando Oses, wrestler and actor, invited Silver to work in movies, and although Santo was not interested in leaving the ring for the set, agreed. Fernando Enrique Zambrano Oss and wrote the first two masking tapes: Brain Holy against evil and against men Holy hell, both in 1958 and directed by Joselito Rodriguez. With these films, the hero of the struggle began his career in film, and over time the deals followed one after another, because their presence was a box office success.

The glory years

Twenty years after the birth as a rough beast, on July 5, 1962, El Santo fought as coach for the first time accompanied by Henry Pilusso against Espanto Brothers. Weeks ago alignment was exactly the opposite: The Ghost fighting on the side of Espanto, while a slate Pilusso satisfied with Rayo de Jalisco and Rito Romero. His companions betrayed the Silver Masked and Pilusso came to his aid. It was time to administer the affection of the public, no longer need to be the bad and violent history. The fame had reached Santo among children, by Joseph G. cartoons Cruz and his early films had completely renovated. Since then The Silver never doubted his hero status, children approached him when he climbed into the ring and asked her autograph, he loaded and portrayed them. Then gently down, gave them a fatherly kiss and started the fight. The rivalry with the Brothers Espanto struggle culminated in a Horror masks I, on November 30, 1963 and remembered as one of the bloodiest in the history of professional wrestling in Mexico. So much so that at the end of it, The Holy half-conscious, with the mask completely torn and stained red, asked the legendary Don Erastus amateur Garcia, who had won. “You Profe,” he said, and helped him get to the dressing room.

His fame grew thanks to films like Ghost against the Zombies (1961), against the choke Holy (1963), The Baron Brkola (1965) and Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (1969), although on several occasions the quality of these was despised by critics nationwide. The Silver enjoyed great popularity while often was called to participate in political campaigns for the PRI. When Gustavo Diaz Ordaz was nominated for the presidency, the presence of masked attracted hundreds of adherents to one of his political acts, in another time another candidate for the presidency of the Republic said: “Tell him thank you for your cooperation, but this rate, he will end up being the president “.

The Holy filmed 24 films grossing in which alternated with Blue Demon same with Gaspar Henaine “Capulina”, while in the ring won the middleweight national defeating Karloff Lagarde, the heavyweight National terror before I , the world middleweight before Ren Guajardo, and for three years was national champion pairs next to Rayo de Jalisco.

4. Your Retirement

The seventies Silver lives in the highest glory, but not as the great rival was hand to hand. His strength had diminished and was 60 or so. Even so, in 1975, El Santo, Mil Mascaras and El Solitario were declared the best trio of the year. In 1977 the Mexican Wrestling Company suffered a rupture between its elements. The Silver ended his relationship with the family Lutteroth and, like El Solitario, Darkness, villains and Mil Mascaras, went to the side of the independent’. With them, in the Cuatro Caminos Toreo staged the last battles of his life. Rodolfo Guzmn was struggling but starting to think about retirement. He had suffered a heart attack and the doctor Horacio Ramirez urged him to make the decision of withdrawal. There were three officers fired: the first, in the Palacio de los Deportes. The second, in the Arena Mexico. The final in the Cuatro Caminos Toreo the September 12, 1982. He met again with his great friends, “Gori” Warrior, “Hurricane” Ramirez and El Solitario, to face the quartet composed of the Texan, the sign, the “Black” Navarro and the “dog” Aguayo, his last major rival. The rude were disqualified for excessive rudeness. They wanted him farewell they deserved and took it out on him. And for good reason: in 50 years, had participated in more than 10,000 combat, had shaved and exposed dozens of fighters who tried to get to his level, he had won every championship possible, had seen the birth and collapse of hundreds of fighters and still there, living like a king, resisting the life and struggle, which for him was a single battle long and mysterious but with time limit.

5. His Death

Upon retiring he devoted himself to producing his own films and was working as a magician’s next escapist Yeo at Teatro Blanquita. Even in theater tours was jealous of his mystery, never took off the mask, wearing a cap to eat more open. The Holy knew she was evicted. It was not enough acts of escapism or the effusive love he showed his sons and followers to satiate his lust for life. When he saw his youngest offspring using your mask and get on a string, he could not hold back the tears, the life that had been so generous with him began to give back. Weeks before his death shocked the public when he discovered his face on Contrapunto, led by James Zabludowsky. That was perhaps a premonition of the next signal the end of his life. It made no sense to keep secret what the time would make dust. When he was buried wearing his mask, made it his own face.

On February 5, 1984 at the conclusion of a presentation he was exhausted and slept in her dressing room to rest. But death was waiting and was rushed to hospital where he soon ceased to exist, the victim of a heart attack at the age of 67.

The second function that started at nine p.m. got the news of the death of the idol. All quadrilaterals of the Republic held a minute’s silence in memory of the man. On February 6, after his funeral, was buried in the Silver Angel mausoleums and over 10,000 people came to see him off and several wrestlers, including Black Shadow and Blue Demon, carried the coffin. On their way through the streets, people overflowed, could hear their screams, cheers and tears, stopped traffic, cemetery facilities were insufficient to accommodate the fans, with tears and expressions of deep sadness, gave a last goodbye to the hero of a thousand battles.

During his life he had a choice but to be two people to death would be the holy and stay that way forever, even if they’ve gone all who saw him unmasked. Holy hell, the hero, who never read scripts full of his films, the Catholic school until high school, which hit between the legs, which read in every corner, fighting the monsters, and let the small approach him, had left wrestling a hole to fill.

His physical death did not end with his son has made it possible to legend was forged remains a reality. When The Silver saw his rod debut as El Hijo del Santo could not hold back tears, and told his son Alexander: “Seeing your brother I’m back 30 years.” His spirit embodied in this new body, learned the character and took possession of him. Is Silver Masked current XXI century saint, for spirit and matter united to continue fighting.

6. The saint as a person

His quality as a human being was greater, in a match that was paired with Franco Colombo, who was with a large wound on the forehead and on reaching the dressing realized that everyone had retired. The Ghost was the only one who waited and took him to the doctor and remained at his side until he was cured, even accompanied him to his house. “El Guero” Rangel, recognized referee, also testifies to the great man he was. According to him, once he reached the sand a humble gentleman asked if he could talk to the Holy One, Rangel went looking and expressed the desire of the visitor, which the wrestler said he was, waiting for him. The Lord had organized a function to fight in the State of Mexico because money was desperate because his wife was ill and needed an expensive operation. The Holy agreed to attend the function and when it ended, the organizer asked how much he owed Silver, alo the latter replied: “Look bring me a drink and a cake because I have hunger, with that I give paid”. In appreciation of this man returned to find him, and thanks to the money raised was spared his wife, and took cheese, butter and cream, which were received with great humility by masked.

Despite the great fame he achieved, his quality as a fighter and as a human being suffered no dent. We won the battle to the pride and never lost his simplicity and professionalism, like fighting in an arena filled that he had a few.


Santo the Silver Masked is undoubtedly the greatest legend of Mexican wrestling, and perhaps the world. His real name is Rodolfo Guzmn Huerta, born in Hidalgo Tulancingo the September 23, 1917. In the beginning he fought with the names of the Bat II and the Red Man, but became famous with the name of El Santo. His biggest prize luchstico was his victory over Black Shadow. He acted in over a hundred movies with blockbuster. He died on February 5, 1984.