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* Summary

* Functions

* Requirements to qualify for the tour guide badge

* Qualities of a good tour guide:

* Tourist Service Providers

* Knowledge, skills and abilities. (Experience)

* Activities for which must be formed in guide

* Ranking of goals a guide

* The figure of the guide is different depending on the nature of the trip:

* Importance of tour guide


The Operator Guide is next to the star of the incoming tourism. Combine the “warmth” to the transition of information in the field of organized tourism. Receiving in the human chain plays a crucial role to be the best person to address the concerns of tourists and guidance to language during your stay. In many countries the guides are bilingual or multilingual professionals who graduate from tourism schools. There are trained upon psycho selection, in the art of human relations, group dynamics, techniques for transmission entertaining tours, cartography, geography, history, archeology, arts, dynamics and tourism services receptive, manners, folklore and fieldwork. It is also important that the practice guide knows the characteristics of the services provided by their colleagues in the receiver chain. For example, the work of the hotel receptionist can be complemented with the guide if you know and respect each other’s work. Proficiency in multiple languages is a work tool without which it would not be possible to entertain and care properly for a tourist during their stay. The more languages speak more correctly a working guide and will enjoy the same.

A good guide should be able to captivate your audience while presenting a variety of illustration and reference topics. The guide is also the “executor” Visits Program teacher. All that is mentioned as “included” in the program should be fully implemented to avoid complaints. So adjust their explanations to the inclement accurate opening and closing of attractions such as museums, cathedrals and national parks, taking into account the time for meals en route and grooming of tourists.

There are guides who specialize in urban tourism and contemplative, others in ecotourism, others are mountain guides, instructors, naturism, diving, fishing, water skiing or snow and bird watching. There are those who work for a particular company and are “freelance” who work on their own piece. Many countries are organized in unions to protect their interests. These unions put pressure on tourism operators to hire a qualified professional guides training and get paid a fair wage for their services. An example of the intervention of unions we have on tourism in holy places for Christianity where the church is ignoring guidelines priests use the services of local guides.

There in the inbound tourism industry guide other modality groups known as “guide-Mail”, “tour leader” or “tour escort”. They are employed by travel agencies for monitoring stations that visiting programs are met and to ensure the quality of contracted services in the host country. No information provided illustrative, that is the function of the local guides, but you can use them for reference information about the host country and tourists resolverle technical problems related to the services included in the package. The “courier” also plays a vital panel as a cultural interpreter as cultural mediator between the transmitter and receiver. This mediating role is particularly useful in preventing or clarify misunderstandings or friction that may arise with the approval native. The guide-post work also requires the mastery of language and the ability to treat clients with sensitivity and tact when addressing a complaint. They are also an important factor in the task of persiadir tourists to acquire supplementary services such as optional excursions.

Tour Guide:

Person whose mission is to inform, direct and guide the tourists during their stay in the country.


General Function:

The guide is responsible for the coordination, reception attendance, conduct, information and entertainment of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Specific Functions:

Coordination with the tour operator.

* Receive instructions from the operator on the group of tourists to drive or to perform activities including: flight number or ship specifications, date and time of arrival, tour type, service orders, budget expenditures tour and passes to restricted facilities.

* Monitor the transport unit to use.

* Prepares report at the end of the itineraries.

* Accompanies tourists on shopping, walks, tours, shows and entertainment.

* Controls periodically tour group that is responsible.

* Make decisions in special situations affecting the tourist.

* Coordinate the services we provide to tourists during tours.

* Attend tourists in first aid and coordinates admission to hospitals.

* Distribute the time between different unguents itinerary.


modalities in practice posing guide services are seen below:

* Fixed Guides (public, private or official) are limited to those who serve in certain sites museums, monuments, palaces, movie studios, etc.. In many countries, these guidelines are being replaced by electronic recording systems, which operate at the pleasure of visiting.

* Guides informants, whose task is limited to visit and report on the local native language, so it may or may not know other languages.

* Guides interpreters (multilingual), are providing services to tourists on tours local, regional, national or international.

* Owner-driver, are also finalizing the bus or car provide tourist information for each place visited.

* Owner-drivers, whose mission is limited to at all times to accompany a tour group, they are responsible for either travel or tours in regional, national or international. Tourist information provided is of a general nature.


* Application in triplicate to the Ministry of Branch requesting Credential Tourism Guide.

* Copy of Curriculum Vitae.

* Photocopy of Identity card (Venezuelan residential) current and legible.

* Two (02) passport size photographs in front.

* Health Certificate issued original and valid by the competent body.

* Copy black background of the Baccalaureate, Senior Technician and / or Bachelor of Tourism.

* Copy black background Diploma course Tourism Guide, issued by an Institute registered with the Ministry of Education Branch.

* Proof of language proficiency issued by Institute duly authorized by the Psychological Aptitude Certificate issued by a Psychological Clinic which must be collegial.

* Original Certificate of psychological aptitude issued by a Clinical Psychologist which must be collegial.


* Possess histrionic data and a broad general education.

* Have received adequate training in Basic School of Tourism.

* To know the region like the back of his hand.

* Knowing fully the tourism and public services.

* Punctuality and honesty

* Proficiency that will guide.

* Tolerance and kindness in dealing.

* Smart appearance, impeccably dressed, properly identified.

* Affordable by phone.

* Have participated in a first aid course.


Tourist Service Providers

Article 61. Tourism service providers are:

* Upon completion of tourism activities in the country, such as: Guidance and Counseling, transportation, lodging, recreation, food and beverage supply, rental of ships, aircraft and land vehicles and any other service for tourists.

* People who are engaged in organizing, promoting and marketing the services outlined in the previous section, self or others.

* People who are engaged in providing information services, promotion, publicity and advertising, management, protection, relief, health and safety of tourists, without prejudice to other laws.

* Tourism professionals and legal persons engaged in the provision of tourism services, as prescribed by the Regulations.

* Persons who provide food service bars and the like which by its nature of supply, quality and service are part of the tourist offer local, regional or national.


* General knowledge of tourism.

* General knowledge on the role of tour guide.

* Knowledge of tourism legislation.

* Knowledge of the tourism market.

* Knowledge of Cultural Heritage.

* General knowledge of the economic area.

* Ability to communicate, orient to report.

* Ability to conducting groups.

* Ability to promote entertainment activities.

* Ability to supervise

* Ability to prepare reports



To achieve the proper training of this guide has been designed in a series of strategic activities. These strategies are divided into:

* Observation and interpretation of nature

* Observation and analysis of group tourists

* Analysis of maps, photos or other field instruments

* Management of origin and destination questionnaires and other survey instruments of tourism marketing. Management of legal policy.

* Knowledge of first aid, emergency, survival

* Able to develop recreational sports, culture, group dynamics with tourists and the community.

* With human tourism awareness

* Other.

A nature guide will meet three processes:

The first one ends with an environmental consciousness-raising target type must eliminate some possible short-term behavior.

The second one aims to remove all traces and fatalistic view of environmental and aims at a critical level.

The third is training and pursues an objective comprehensive and detailed environmental information, trying to eliminate any conduct of uprooting.

The requirements of a good guide

* The objectives of a tour guide or camp are prioritized and ranked in a logical order.

* Each objective aims to satisfy every tourist’s demands deemed consistent with low environmental awareness.

* Each objective also seeks to demonstrate the environmentalist vocation guide is considered consistent with a low environmental awareness.

Below is a pyramid of goals that must have a nature guide.

Rank objectives of a guide

Priority 1

* Knowing that govern tourism

* Needs new methods to guide tourists

2 Priority

* Drive the current concept of environment

* Explain the environmental landscape features

* Explain what are the environmental problems

* Manage recreational aspects of the place

3 Property

* Explain the characteristics of the environment

* Explain the strongest features

* Report the need to preserve

* Explain the safety rules


Male or female, educated or rather something vulgar good-looking or only mediocrity. The guide is a permanent participant of the program: it must always meet security functions for the outside covered up acquires the name service (service). All this is true for the hostess with sex appeal at airports, and for the manager to create an environment in buses, or for academic good presence, you must perform the classic cultural tour of Italy in eleven days. Nor need travel guide Touropa type, which are responsible for seeking accommodation in private houses for their members, leisure villas. The weekly program has provided direction to address the tourist from the moment of arrival at your destination. << Your guide will help you pass these days vacation as pleasantly as possible, in a smart and beautiful. If you collaborate with some of their own mood, success is sure. He heartily desire your guide, or simply XYZ: Ernesto >>.


It is important because it has a mission to inform, direct and guide the tourists about the view, the tourist guides to help solve problems that may arise during the trip, they show us every part of the country as monuments, castles, mountains, beaches, lakes, historic sites, etc..