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Vocational guidance does not change a man but it helps to conduct, guide and advice to discover their calling and guide it towards a cultural and professional activity that allows defog with efficiency and accountability.

Vocational guidance is a process of systematic and technical assistance that allows an individual to know himself and the world around them, exploring their potential and achieving self-addressed element that helps you strengthen your personality. It also facilitates inserting the subject to employment based on their capabilities, motivations, skills, abilities, skills, abilities, as well as their limitations and interests that enable a sound decision, so in the future will be reflected directly in quality of professional work to play, as well as the quality of life that will, reaffirming the above with what states and Reaves Reaves says that the main goal of counseling is: “Encourage the individual to evaluate, to do accept and act according to their choice. ”

According to the survey of 10 students of the Pedagogical Institute of Chone Eugenio Espejo, I analyzed that respondents know little about the real importance of the Guidance Department, and also have not defined its vocation for the lack of existing careers and occupational projections also state that the service they provide guidance elements are not one hundred percent, whose contribution is minimal as a result of that there has been a schedule that meets the elective period, so which influence their personal and vocational training has been very poor, which affects for good career decision.


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Does not change the vocational orientation to the man But Rather he / she Helps him to Behave, To Be Advised To Be guided and STI vocation to discover it and to guide Toward an activity-professional cultural That Allows him to act with efficiency and Responsibility .

The vocational orientation is to help process and technique of Systematic That It Allows the individual to Be Known Likewise and to the world That surrounds him, exploring potentialities and Achieving STI car to go That element he / she Helps Strengthen STI personality to him. Likewise Facilitate to insert it to the subject to the work world Being based on Their Possibilities, Motivations, competitions, Abilities, skills, Capacities, as well as in Their Limitations and Interests That allow him to make a decision guessed right, What Will Be Reflected Directly in the quality of Their professional work in the future That to carry out, Likewise like in the quality of life That will take, reaffirming That Exposed with Reaves and Reaves What That he / she says That the main Objectives of the orientation is manifests: “To Stimulate the individual to Evaluate, to make, to accept and to act According To Their election.”

According To The Survey Carried out 10 students of the Pedagogic Institute of Chone Eugenio Espejo, Analyze That I Have Those Interviewed know little of the true Importance That has the Department of Orientation, as well as They Have Not Had Their defined vocation for the ignorance of the existent occupational careers and Their projection, They Also the service manifest That That You / they lend the orientation elements is Not Given by a Hundred Percent Whose minimum contribution is as a Consequence of That There Has Not Been in That programming is completed in the elective period; reason why the Influence in personal and vocational formation STI has-been very poor, What Influences for a good professional decision.


It should be a deep reflection on the students about themselves and in the professional world: Who is he and where is going, Where am I, Who am I, What I Do, How do I do, Involve a parallel in the field educational response: To determine the opportunities, know yourself, make the decision and prepare for times of transition.

At present the teaching is imbued with the tasks associated with the action orientation. It is important for two reasons: the new expectations on the education system in a changing reality as we live in that demands better educational opportunities connection with the workplace and on the other hand, the educational proposal made the thread of the new paradigms psycho strengthen the guidance action that helps to enhance the guidance departments.

Given the sociocultural characteristics and a wide range of itineraries to follow, justifying the role of guiding action in the vocational dimension. In the career development combine two important variables: interests, abilities and achievement from the review of concepts, theories, models and vocational programs.

To simplify the case and given vocational guidance requires the development of certain lessons, guiding the process more systematic and integrated into the curriculum, taking into account the educational intentions of the same capabilities as expressed in its objectives, the context made in processes, developmental characteristics and conditions of each student as the protagonist of his training to actively engage in learning.

Orientation functions

Assuming that the guidance is a task team, ie a multidisciplinary team should include at least pedagogues, psychologists, social worker, doctor, teacher, therapist and teachers, allotting each a function previously determined and programmed which could be: to know the person, to help itself and gradually get a personal and social adjustment and fully inform staff in the educational and professional to meet these goals requires: creating diagnostic services for study of personal problems, provide learning experiences to facilitate correct; know how to inform, guide and advise, a good listener, knowing refer people who require specific help and finally learn the techniques of career information.

Suggest some curricular activities that promote the work of guidance, serving as support to strengthen their academic, social and personal example: personality development, group dynamics process, mental health, physical health, workplace, self-education sexuality, etc.

Vocational guidance also requires the application of techniques used to solve the different cases and difficulties that arise in an educational institution, for example, observation, interviews, surveys, exploratory experiences, discussion techniques, classroom experiences , therapeutic techniques, case studies and role playing, etc.

Methods and Materials

I conducted a survey of five questions to ten students of the Higher Pedagogical Institute “Eugenio Espejo” Chone City for the purpose of obtaining information about career counseling and their influence on the choice of career.

I used the inductive-deductive method to know if the people who make the department provide the necessary assistance to students.


We used the survey technique using five questions to ten students and the results of which were obtained the following data.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5


After completing this article I have found that students are not subject to the professional performance of members of the department of vocational why not meet your expectations, plus the staff is engaged to carry out the tasks entrusted not take the time necessary to help students solve problems, it is important to run a program in line with the reality of the institution addressing the educational needs of monitoring student section is responsible, so it complies with the guiding role that was entrusted to the students aware of career choice and implement the best values for a student living.


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